Donald Trump on Bernie: He’s a Commie Whose Campaign is Over

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One of these days Donald Trump is going to learn how to speak clearly so he’s not misunderstood.  What could he possibly mean with this comment about Bernie Sanders.

Donald Trump blasted Bernie Sanders, and insisted the Vermont Senator is a “communist” whose campaign is “over.”

In an interview with Yahoo Politics, Trump explained that Sanders “lost” the race during the first Democratic debate when he said he was “sick and tired of hearing about” Clinton’s “damn emails.”

Trump explained Sanders “had a great opportunity to do some serious damage, and in order to be politically correct, and in order to be nice, and in order to get a good sound bite that lasted about 10 seconds with the applause — it wasn’t even a very big applause — he gave up the whole email scandal.” And with that statement, Sanders “lost the election right there. He just lost his election. No. He’s gone. He’s gone now.”

Go Donald Go!

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Trump didn’t comment on Bernie’s insistence that he’d lay out a plan of where the $18 trillion will come from for free college, free cheese, free cars, free homes, and free sex.  Or something close to that.  The fact is, Bernie may have insisted he’d give us a plan but he’s steadfastly avoided it.  I wonder why.


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