Despite The MSM’s Best Efforts, Ted Cruz IS The REAL Deal!

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Ted Cruz gets no respect. At least no respect in keeping with the impressiveness of the campaign he’s built and his increasing odds of winning the Republican nomination.

The press and the political class are beginning to catch on to Cruz’s strength, and there has been more talk of a prospective Cruz-Marco Rubio race over the past two weeks, but his coverage and his buzz have been lagging indicators — and they are still lagging.


In a story by Rich Lowry:

Consider the POLITICO survey of Republican insiders in the early nominating contests. After Tuesday night’s GOP debate in Milwaukee, it had as many respondents saying Cruz won (6 percent) as Ben Carson and John Kasich (6 percent each). This is an extraordinary finding, given that Kasich showed up for the debate wearing a suicide vest.

Cruz tends to be an afterthought in the Sunday show chatter, and on TV generally.

The Atlantic tracks candidate mentions on cable TV. Over the past 100 days, Cruz ranks ninth among all presidential candidates from both parties, well behind Chris Christie and just above Kasich. Christie may begin to get some traction, but he was relegated to the undercard debate in Milwaukee and is looking to throw a Hail Mary in New Hampshire. Kasich wants to complete the same unlikely pass in the same place.

Maybe the mentions of Cruz have picked up lately? No. Over about the past 30 days, he’s still ninth, just ahead of that juggernaut Martin O’Malley.

Well, Cruz is still pretty low in the polls, and coverage tends to follow the polling. Maybe that’s it? No. A Washington Post analysis specifically looked at the amount of cable TV coverage devoted to each candidate compared with his or her position in the polls. It found that Cruz got 60 percent less coverage than you’d otherwise expect from July through October.

From October to November, as the seriousness of his campaign has become even more evident, the disparity has gotten worse. According to the Post, “He’s on the air 70 percent less than his polling would suggest, even as he’s climbed past [Jeb] Bush and into fourth place in the race.”

Donald Trump, as you might expect, gets more coverage than warranted by his polling. So does Bush. It’s as though the media still haven’t been able to adjust the level of coverage of the former Florida governor to account for their erroneous initial presumption that he’d probably be the nominee.

It’s really amazing isn’t it that the MSM doesn’t give Cruz credit? The MSM treats Cruz worse than candidates that are in the “undercard” debate, yet Ted Cruz is fourth place in the national polls.  What’s even more amazing is that Ted Cruz had more cash on hand than ANY Republican at the end of the third quarter, but do you think that gives him any more credit in the press? How about that he has 4 tremendous Super PAC’s like #MakeDCListen, Keep The Promise I, II and III, that have raised over $38 million?

Cruz is the only candidate who has shown that he can extensively raise hard dollars from both large and small donors, ranking second in hard dollars to Carson and second in total dollars (including from Super PACs) to Jeb Bush. Cruz’s fundraising is almost evenly balanced between small and large donors. Furthermore, toxic as his relations are with some parts of the party establishment and Congress, it is notable that he has endorsements from the largest number of elected officials of any candidate except Bush.

On top of the 4 Super PAC’s, how about the most recently added new Courageous Conservatives PAC, that came out with this ad? 

Talk about “stepping it up”! GAME ON! Cruz is coming on strong and just at the right moment. 

Lowry adds these key points:

  • The indications of the strength of Cruz’s operation and the shrewdness of his positioning are mounting.
  • He had more cash on hand at the end of the third quarter than any other Republican.
  • He has major super PAC backing.
  • He assessed the anti-establishment mood in the party more accurately than any of the other traditional Republican candidates.
  • He reacted to the rise of Trump very deftly for his purposes.
  • He has seen a couple of key potential competitors, Scott Walker and Rand Paul, either hit a wall or badly underperform.
  • He has a discernible ideological and geographic base.
  • He has, relatedly, a path to the nomination that is simple and intuitive (win Iowa, consolidate the right and beat an establishment that might be too fractured and unpopular to prevail this time).
  • He lights up pretty much every conservative audience he addresses.
  • He is an excellent debater, and he simply doesn’t make tactical or rhetorical mistakes.

But you take all these points into consideration and Cruz is STILL not getting his due time in press, is he? The MSM was wrong about him in Texas when he ran for the Senate and they have never gotten over it. They seem to be starting the whole cycle over again. You’d think they would have learned from their mistakes, right? 

Lowry goes on to say:

Cruz has never mounted a John McCain-style charm offensive with reporters, most of whom, it is safe to say, find him personally off-putting. And he is hated with a burning passion by his party’s own elite.

The appeal of Cruz’s conservative populism is lost on most reporters and political insiders, who have a natural reflex to roll their eyes at the message and the messenger.

Cruz is not as interesting as Trump and Carson, and he doesn’t feature in any intrapersonal drama like the Bush-Rubio mentor-mentee showdown. (The rise of Trump also happened to roughly coincide with Cruz’s second-quarter fundraising report, dampening the impact of what was a herald of the robust state of his campaign.)

Finally, he is graded on a bit of a curve. He routinely performs so well at Republican cattle calls that his standing ovations tend to get discounted.

Cruz’s performance in the debates continues to build – getting better and better. It’s like watching the Vienna Philharmonic at one of it’s finest concerts of all time. It’s perfectly orchestrated. 

So despite everything that the MSM does or doesn’t report on about Ted Cruz, I can only say that most Americans, especially conservatives are ready for REAL change and the REAL Deal! Ted Cruz is the REAL Deal – so deal with it!

I will close with his own words:

Americans are ready for real change, and I am ready to stand with them to take on the Washington Cartel and return power to the American people,” Mr. Cruz said in the statement. “We have both the financial and organizational resources to compete for the long haul and to take our optimistic message all across the country.”


#KeepCalm and #KeepCruzin

Written by Nancy Hayes

Follow on Twitter: @bodybynance

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