Conservative Student Who Took on University of Missouri Announces Candidacy for State Rep

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Finally someone is fighting backing.

In the past chaotic protests by far left wing student activists have resulted in a slew of resignations from professors and administrators at the University of Missouri.  It is clear that the inmates have taken over the asylum.  Missouri’s publicly funded university system has become a playground for radical leftists to propagate their extreme worldview with Missouri tax dollars.


Several years ago, a student taking classes in the UM system released recordings of his professors advocating for union members to use threats, intimidation, industrial sabotage, and violence to gain an advantage in labor disputes.  They even went as far as to bring a Communist Party recruiter into the class room to enlist students!

When Phil Christofanelli spoke out against this blatant abuse of the classroom for political purposes, the University of Missouri decided to attack the messenger.  Internal emails showed administrators conspiring to malign Christofanelli in the press, and the university attempted to haul him before an academic discipline board for daring to release the videos.

Christofanelli lawyered up, and the University of Missouri backed down, but today, he is announcing his intention to run for State Representative, because he’s had enough of the taxpayer funded liberal indoctrination camps that have plagued his state’s reputation.


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“If the University of Missouri wants to turn our publicly funded higher education system into a laboratory for radical, left wing social experiments, they can do it with somebody else’s money,” said Christofanelli in his announcement.

“Missouri taxpayers have had enough, and it’s time we put the adults back in charge at Mizzou.”

The Missouri State Legislature controls the funding for the University of Missouri, and is the best avenue for reigning in the troubled college.

You can support Christofanelli and his campaign by visiting his website and donating!

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