Has CNN Found Obama’s Coke Dealer?

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Given the media scrutiny of what Ben Carson did 50 years ago we’re confident that the media will be digging into every facet of Barack Obama’s life that they missed with their intensive investigations of him eight years ago.  They’ll certainly dig up his heroin dealer and we’ll be treated to front page stories of how he never went to class at Columbia and still managed to get into Harvard Law.

Ben Carson has been getting scrubbed with a wire brush over a comment in his book that he was offered a scholarship by West Point.  The media, who knows nothing about the military or about West Point, is in high dudgeon over the “scholarship” which they’re insisting doesn’t exist.

In fact, students attending West Point do receive a full scholarship in addition to being paid according to their cadet rank.

Carson’s comment about the “scholarship” is a big deal and the media is trying to make it into a question of his fitness to serve as President.

Here’s Ben addressing the question at a press conference and getting right to the heart of the matter.


Obama goes to Occidental College, doesn’t do well, somehow ends up at Columbia University, I dunno? Why? His records are sealed. Why are his records sealed? You’re not interested in that? Can somebody tell me why? I’m asking you why are they sealed? Don’t change the subject. Will someone tell me please, why you have not investigated that?

Something with the words ‘a scholarship was offered’ is a big deal, but the President of the United State,s his academic records being sealed is not. Tell me how there is equivalency there. Tell me somebody, please.

The one missed opportunity in that Q&A is when a reporter in the crowd said, “It’s our job to ask questions.”

Dr. Carson missed the opportunity to say, “You’re right.  I’m sorry, what is your name?” [answer] “It is your job to ask questions.  And what I would like to know – and a large segment of the American people would like to know – sir, is why didn’t you ask Barack Obama questions about his past?  Why does he hold the record for voting “Present” in the Illinois Senate?  Why didn’t you ask him about that?  Sir, the American people deserve to know why you and your cohorts in the press have two such obviously different standards.”

This was a good exchange and Dr. Carson showed the media up for the Democrats with bilines that they are.

Keep up the good work Ben.  Your problem isn’t the other candidates, it’s the media.

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