Chuck Schumer Uses Military To Coerce Gun Manufacturers Into Accepting His Anti-Gun Agenda

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Recently, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) without much fanfare, issued a press release that targets gun manufacturers in an anti-gun control plan which seeks to use the buying power of the federal government to ultimately control the manufacturers’ purse strings and infringe upon the Second Amendment rights of private individuals.


As with most progressives, Schumer attempted to legitimize this latest anti-gun move under the guise of “gun safety and irresponsible gun distribution” of manufacturers.

chuck_schumerSchumer sees his plan as an opportunity to “leverage” the “massive purchasing power” of the federal government to force gun makers to “change” their gun safety and distribution practices. He wrote a letter to the U.S. Army requesting that they adhere to his proposal.

Apparently, Schumer has elected himself judge, jury and executioner when it comes to his attempts to control gun manufacturers and feels justified in doing so, even when they have not violated any laws.

While Schumer cites “gun safety and irresponsible gun distribution” as a reason for his plan, his press release offers no evidence that the guns themselves are unsafe.

There is nothing to suggest that manufacturing defects exist and need remedying. Nor is there any mention of wide-spread abuses by these gun manufacturers that could possibly prompt Congress or other governmental agencies to take up a cause against the gun makers.

Clearly, in Schumer’s mind, the fact that the guns exist is proof enough that gun makers need to make changes. He indicates only that a change can “improve safety in American communities.”

Chuck_SchumerIt appears that Schumer, in following the lead of President Barack Obama’s anti-gun agenda, is using the fact that the U.S. government, including the military and law enforcement agencies, makes up 25 percent of the gun market. As the number one buyer of guns from major gun manufacturers, it can implicitly “boycott with “Congressional” teeth” the manufacturers and financially destroy them unless they are willing to bend to political will.

Currently, the Department of Defense is soliciting bids from gun manufacturers for a $580 million contract to replace the current aging handguns used by service members. Not to have a “piece of the contractual pie” would surely be economically devastating.


Schumer called on the federal government to use “its significant leverage to garner vital information from gun makers and to prod them to improve gun safety features and their distribution practices.”

15-0622 Obama Guns“While I respect individual rights on this matter, gun violence in America is far too high and we must take sensible steps to reduce gun violence in all our communities. As the number one buyer of guns, the U.S. government should use its significant leverage to hold gun makers accountable for gun safety and gun distribution,” said Schumer

In other words, Schumer’s far reaching proposal will impact the rights of those within the government, but it will also impact the rights of New York’s private citizens.

Undoubtedly, any new regulations forced upon gun makers and how they do business will most definitely infringe upon private individuals’ Second Amendment rights, as well.

“Our plan is a smart way to use the federal government’s market power to force gun makers to change and to improve the safety in neighborhoods. Our plan will push the gun makers to make smarter guns—innovations that make it harder for these weapons to be used in crimes—and we will push the gun makers not to distribute through dealers who are supplying guns to people who have not passed a background check,” said Schumer.

In his pursuit, Schumer is asking the Army to modify its contract to require bidders to provide information about what they are doing to produce ‘smart guns’ for sale on the market.

His letter also urged the Army to buy from those gun makers who will only sell guns on the civilian market to gun shops that require completed background checks.

If you thought California’s anti-gun laws were bad, Schumer’s scheme uses the power of the federal government to potentially interfere with a private New York corporation or proprietor’s ability to conduct business, not only with the government but also with the public. And in so doing, infringes upon an individual gun owners’ Second Amendment rights. If manufacturers refuse to make the changes that Schumer wants, then they could potentially be put out of business because of financial losses.

Schumer’s proposed anti-gun plan takes government “overreaching” to a whole new level.

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