Christian Coach Fired for Praying; Satanists Show up to Next Game: Then it Gets Weird [VIDEO]

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The assistant coach of Bremerton, Washington’s high school football team got suspended for punching a student who he thought wasn’t practicing hard enough praying.

The Bremerton High School Knights took to the field in a bid to make the playoffs Thursday night. But their coach had to settle for cheering for them from the stands. Coach Joe Kennedy is on paid leave for violating the district’s policy over prayer.

“It’s one of the hardest things I’ve done,” he said at halftime. “I’m not used to being on this side, I’m used to being beside them, listening to them.”

He’s also used to praying with them. Former players said that taking a knee with their coach is something they’ve always done after games.

Here’s the story.

You’ve just got to know that some people are celebrating the coach’s suspension.

About a dozen members of the Satanic Temple of Seattle, most dressed in hooded black robes and some masked, left Bremerton High School shortly after their arrival at a varsity-football game Thursday night. They came in response to the controversy surrounding coach Joe Kennedy, who was placed on leave this week for praying on the field after games but attended the game in the stands.

The Satanists were, of course, invited to the game by several teachers and some students at the high school.  We’re certain those teachers will also be suspended.

The Satanists showed up outside the field and were met with a reception nobody could have expected.

Students swarmed the fence where the Satanists stood outside. The group climbed the fence, shook it, held up crosses, threw liquid, and chanted “Jesus.” Some yelled at the Satanists to go away.

They left.  After claiming a victory of some sort or another.


This looks like it will go to court.  We wish the Coach success in his tussle with the school district.  We’d also suggest the Satanists start laying in a supply of dry ice.  They’ll eventually need it.

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