Is Campbell’s Fabulous Soup or What?


Campbell’s Soup has a new commercial.  They’re selling more than just soup.

A homosexual “married” couple is featured prominently with a young boy (their son) in the new Campbell’s Soup advertisement. Campbell’s #RealRealLife campaign aims to change the face of the American family. It starts off with the first man feeding soup to the little boy and in a “Star Wars” Darth Vader voice says, “Luke, I am your father.” Then the other man enters the scene and says, “No, Luke, I am your father.”

Campbell’s is not just selling soup, they’re selling lifestyle.

15-1110 Campbells Gay

Campbell’s likes the idea that this little boy has “two daddies” so much that they’re making it an integral part of their marketing.

There are some who find Campbell’s marketing campaign offensive.

One-Million-Moms has set up a website and they’re launching a boycott of Campbell’s over this campaign.  They see it as a thumb in the eye of all of us who believe in traditional families.  Not to mention those of us who see homosexuality as a sin.

You can find out about their campaign right here.

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