CAIR to Have float in Tulsa Veterans Day Parade! What is our Enemy doing in our victory parade?

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The Muslim Brotherhood arm, CAIR will have a float in the Veterans Day Parade in Tulsa and it is stirring up a storm! The parade committee actually tried to keep this information from reaching the public and not all parade participants are happy about it. Namely, U.S. military veterans. Let’s be clear:

We’re not questioning their Rights, we’re questioning their intentions – by Joe Wurzelbacher


Tulsa Muslims have full right to be there under the Constitution. But why does a terrorist organization want to have a float in a Veteran’s Day Parade?

It isn’t about Muslims. Muslims have been participating in Veteran’s Day Celebrations all along.  It’s about the terrorist organization the Muslim Brotherhood and their fight against our troops on the world stage – so I ask you again- “What is the Enemy Doing in Our Victory Parade?”

The FBI identifies CAIR as an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in America. CAIR consistently states that it is not connected.

The connections have been well documented. So why CAIR involvement?

As BILL SHERMAN Faith and Values Writer for the TulsaWorld writes:

Several veterans wrote or called unhappy about CAIR in the parade – one of them who served in special ops in Iraq said he is working with other veterans to plan some kind of legal and peaceful protest.

He said he is fine with Muslims in the parade, but not CAIR, which he says, once again, has ties to terrorist organizations.

Many U.S. Muslims have served in the armed forces. There are many Muslim Veterans. No one has a problem with Muslims, especially those who are Veterans, to continue to participate as has happened in the past.

Again, why does a terrorist organization like the Muslim Brotherhood and their arm CAIR want to have a float in a Veteran’s Day Parade?

We all know the answer to that – but we need to go to Tulsa, everyone who can get there – and let them know how we feel. There’s a very good chance that I’m showing up myself and I have a great idea: When the CAIR float comes by and throws out candy as is tradition – I’m going to throw pork rinds back.

That’s right I said it – they’re the enemy and every damn one of you knows it. When are we going to stop putting up with our adversaries hiding in plain site? Tulsa is the new ground zero as far as I’m concerned and we need to make enough noise so it can be heard all the way to the White House.

Don’t misunderstand me – they’ve got every Right to Free Speech. But buddy, so do I – and I’m not alone:

The Veterans Day parade in Tulsa is one of the largest in the country each year, but this year – having a float representing CAIR doesn’t sit well with most locals:

Larry Williamson, a member of the Tulsa 912 Project, a conservative organization, told the World it is “atrocious” to ask veterans to “march alongside people who represent our enemies in a current war.”

“I believe all American entrants who the parade is intended to honor should be made aware as soon as possible that they are being asked to share their honor with the Muslim Brotherhood, sworn enemy of the United States and our ally Israel and an enemy in our current war on the Islamic jihad in which American soldiers are fighting and dying,” he said in a letter to the Tulsa World.

Making matters worse for Williamson, he told the World his Tulsa 912 Project float is scheduled to be in line right next to the CAIR float in the parade.

“I’m not a spokesman for Tulsa 912, but I won’t march alongside the Muslim Brotherhood,” he told the newspaper.

Williams refers to CAIR as the “Muslim Brotherhood” because of documents filed in court records from the Holy Land Foundation trial naming CAIR as a Brotherhood front group.

Folks, I’ve read the Koran and  it’s perfectly fine to lie and deceive if you’re in the act of defeating the Infidels. Listen to the lies from the local Oklahoma Chapter:

Adam Soltani, Executive Director of CAIR Oklahoma, says claims that CAIR supports terrorism are simply false.

“Any claim that CAIR is associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, or any other terrorist organization is absolutely preposterous, he told KRMG. “CAIR was founded in 1994 in Washington D.C. as a national organization to be a civil rights advocate for American Muslims, to stand up for constitutional rights, for religious freedom, for pluralism, and for every right that we value as American citizens.”

You’re supposed to believe that, despite the national CAIR organization being named as an unindicted co-conspirator in a 2001-11 investigation into a group called the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development. Several members of that group were eventually convicted; one of them was also a founding member of CAIR.

Believe me, I could list a hundred connections – going all the way to the White House, Hillary Clinton and Anthony Weiner’s in-laws, but just for instance – In 2008, the FBI cut all its ties with the Council on American-Islamic Relations after it came to light that Nihad Awad had participated in meetings with the Holy Land Foundation.

FBI Special Agent, Lara Burns testified at the trial that CAIR was a Hamas front, and the Obama administration has continued with this refusal to work with CAIR. Hamas itself was established by the Muslim Brotherhood in 1988 after the First Intifada or uprising in Palestine.

Pamela Geller noted earlier this year, San Francisco Bay Area CAIR Executive Director Zahra Billoo “struggles with Memorial Day each year. How does one balance being pretty staunchly anti-war while honoring those who died in the military?”


Billoo also tweeted a quote by CAIR head Dawud Walid, saying, “If one dies in an unjust war in which we illegally invaded and occupied a sovereign nation, should that person be honored?”

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