Bombshell Dropped About Intimate Hillary Secret: And This Woman Should Know..


You’ve never heard of Natalie Plain, but you could have.  In 1995 she was an attractive young college graduate who was looking for a job.  She wanted to be a White House correspondent so she applied for an internship in the Clinton White House.  She got it.

Apparently she had to write a 20 page essay and undergo a background check. It’s not known if President Clinton, or the First Lady, reviewed her background.  I’m sure they would have approved.

15-1115 Hillary

Ms. Plain went to Washington and moved into her first “office” at the White House.  It was a cubicle I’m sure Dilbert would have been proud of.  And her cubie-mate?  A California girl named Monica Lewinsky.

Natalie said of Monica: ‘She was just a pretty normal girl from California, there was nothing about her that would make you say “Wow, she’s going to take part in one of the biggest political scandals in US history.”

Monica was just one of the girls.  And Bill wasn’t picky.

She said: ‘Really, it could have been any number of us interns in that position had we ingratiated ourselves with the President.’

I’m shocked.  OK, I’m not.

Ms. Plain was quite taken by the President and also had an interesting revelation about Hillary.

However she admits she was less taken with Hillary Clinton, who she described as not a ‘people person’.

Natalie said: ‘Even when her husband was in office, she seemed to envy his popularity and power.

‘In her mind, she was the brains behind the operation and the more capable leader though her husband received the accolades, because he was a man and the President.’

Has no use for other people, is envious, and thinks she knows it all.

15-1115 Hillary Bored

Yep, that’s the Hillary we know.

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