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#BlackLivesMatter Rioters: “F*CK YOUR CHRISTMAS TREE!”


You can always count on #BlackLivesMatter to keep things classy.

In Chicago, a fitting place, they’re up in arms about the death of a 17-year-old kid who was shot by a cop last year.  Apparently Rahm Emanuel, Barack Obama’s best buddy and Mayor of Chicago, withheld information just before the election last year about the killing.  Had he released it he likely wouldn’t be Mayor today.

Demonstrators are disrupting Chicago Christmas shopping and in this video they’re trying to tear lights off the Chicago Christmas Tree.

Nice huh.  I’ll bet his mama is proud of that boy.  Or girl.  Or whatever gender it chooses to be today.

Look for riots in Chi-Town before this holiday season is over.

Here’s a little punk just daring a Chicago cop to shoot him.

15-1128 TreePunk

Somehow I doubt he’ll live much longer but it isn’t likely that a Chicago cop will kill the punk.  More likely one of his neighbors.  He’ll end up like the other 439 people murdered in Chicago this year other than the one the demonstrators say they “care” about.  And nobody will be demonstrating for him because they don’t give a damn about black kids murdered by black kids.

By the way, you’ve probably seen “this punk” around Chi-town a few times in other pictures as a paid activist, probably for the teachers union and protesting. It’s amazing what you can get paid to do isn’t it?


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