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Hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer, perhaps best known for his two major causes – the protection of Israel and support for the gay rights movement – has endorsed Marco Rubio for President.

The 71-year-old Singer is probably the best fundraiser the GOP has – but his position on gay marriage puts him at odds with many in the Republican Party.  This no doubt will be great for Rubio’s campaign chest, but could be another giant hurdle in addition to his flip-flopping on Amnesty running up to the primary which so far has been dominated by social conservatives.


Singer also reportedly gave $100,000 to support immigration reform, which we all know means “amnesty” for undocumented immigrants and more Democrat voters in the near future…

Many in the Florida conservative or Tea Party movement say Rubio couldn’t get elected as dog catcher in that State after he joined the infamous Gang of Eight, looking to inflict yet another Amnesty on this nation.

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“It gives me pause, because Singer has a deep commitment to flipping the Republican party on gay marriage, and he undoubtedly knows more than we do about what Rubio is saying privately about the First Amendment Defense Act,” said influential activist and thinker Maggie Gallagher of the American Principles Project and the Pulse2016 blog.

Gallagher told Breitbart News, “We shouldn’t make Rubio responsible for all his donors’ views. But we should be pressing Rubio for a commitment to passing the First Amendment Defense Act in the first 100 days in office.”

She is not alone in voicing concern. Peter Wolfgang, an activist who runs the influential Family Institute of Connecticut Action told Breitbart News, “I like Marco Rubio and I think he is one of the best candidates for other reasons. But I am much less likely to support him now that Paul Singer will be funding his campaign.”


Wolfgang points out that “Rubio received a grade of ‘D’ from pro-family advocates for his weak response to the Supreme Court’s undemocratic imposition of same-sex marriage on the nation and this endorsement shows that the grade was warranted, that we cannot trust Rubio on marriage and religious liberty. Paul Singer was pivotal in the Republican cave-in to same-sex marriage in New York, a key turning point for the whole country.”

It was Singer and a few other rich donors who intervened in New York State when its Senate was set to support traditional marriage. Singer was able to turn the New York State Senate his way on gay marriage.

Singer is the founder of a super-PAC that has the express purpose of turning the GOP pro-gay marriage. American Unity PAC’s sole purpose was to encourage GOP support for gay marriage, according to columnist Frank Bruni in the New York Times, “in part by helping them to feel financially shielded from any blowback from well-funded groups that oppose it.”

Singer told Bruni that opposition to gay marriage is “harsh” and such opposition has harmed the Republican Party. Gay marriage, he said, “is kind of a lovely thing and a cool thing…” Bruni reported that Singer has so far given $10 million in support of gay causes.

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Rubio has since disowned his own immigration reform bill though more on procedural than substantive grounds. But with Singer’s backing, Rubio will now open himself up to major attacks from Donald Trump and the other strongly anti-immigration voices in the Republican Party. They will be able to more effectively rip him as favoring the elite view of the GOP that wants comprehensive reform with a path to citizenship rather than mass deportations.

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