Typically I am not pleased when an official from a foreign country says bad things about America’s leaders, but in this case the statement’s ring so true I’ll make an exception.

Ran Baratz, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s newly appointed media adviser, called President Barack Obama’s nastiness about Bibi’s speech in congress earlier this year as anti-Semitic and once referred to Secretary of State John Kerry as someone “whose mental age doesn’t exceed 12.”


In a story on LidBlog:

The comments were made on Baratz’s Facebook page.

Right after the 2012 election where Obama won reelection he wrote:

“The Jews in America who see Obama as pro-Israeli are the most extreme in their criticism of Israel irresponsible Israeli policy which they seek raises the question of how exactly they can define themselves as pro-Israel.”

When Obama was getting nasty about Netanyahu’s speech

Allow me to be a bit blunt, which is a break from my usual moderation. This is what modern anti-Semitism in a liberal Western country looks like. And, of course, it comes with a great deal of tolerance and understanding for Islamic anti-Semitism.

The tolerance and understanding are so great that [Obama] is willing to give it a nuclear bomb.

This past June, when Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew was jeered by the audience at a Jerusalem Post conference Baratz wrote:

“It certainly was not polite [of the audience to jeer]. Lew was talking about all of the ways in which Obama is helping Israel. And Obama, a brilliant public relations person, has given quite a bit. So what’s all the fuss about?”

“It quite simple, While Obama is helping us on tactical issues like threats from Hamas and Hezbollah, he is instituting a global strategy of compromise with Iran, all the while creating for us (and other countries in the region) a huge, strategic, nuclear problem.”

Perhaps his best comment was made after Secretary of State Kerry said Islamic radicalism in the Middle East could be traced to the lingering Israel-Palestine conflict. Baratz seemed to echo Michael Ramirez’s cartoon above:

“To Kerry’s credit, it should be noted that there is no Miss America around who could say what he said any better. This is the time to wish the secretary of state good luck, and to count down the days with the hope that someone over there at the State Department will wake up and begin to see the world through the eyes of a person whose mental age exceeds 12.”

Ran Baratz didn’t only criticize Americans, he has made comments about Israeli politicians also. After his appointment and news of statements like the ones above (and the ones about Israeli politicians) caused a bit of an uproar by some in Israel as reported by the site Israel 24 (which is also where the quotes above were taken from):

The Prime Minister’s Office released a statement saying, “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was not aware of what was written by Ran Baratz and considers them inappropriate remarks.” Netanyahu also made clear to Baratz that in his new post he must conduct himself responsibly, according to the statement.

Baratz thanked Netanyahu after being appointed. “Public diplomacy is a main factor in the struggle over Israel’s standing,” he said. “The challenges that face us are many and include expanding public diplomacy activity in the new media in the international arena, as well as providing Israeli citizens with more effective access to the work of the Prime Minister and the government.”

Israeli leaders’ comments about America are usually “politically correct,” it’s kind of refreshing to see someone appointed to office who has a thread of honesty in his background. While much of what he said is true, sadly Baratz will have to tone it down while working for the Netanyahu Govt.

I agree with the LidBlog. I’d say it’s VERY refreshing to hear comments of honesty. Sadly we don’t have the same in America with our WH Press Secretary, Secretary of State Kerry or President Obama. Maybe that’s why people are attracted to The Donald. The public is REALLY tired of all of this political correctness and with The Donald, we just love how he’s not “politically correct”.  On the other hand, while Baratz works for Bibi and is a diplomatic position, he was making those comments on his own personal FB wasn’t he? Lighten up people.

There are much worse things America is dealing with – like Kerry negotiating one of THE WORST Iran deals which does NOT support our friends in Israel. Kerry should resign over that issue alone, but as long as we have Obama, the Dictator-in-Chief in the WH, that’s certainly not going to happen, now is it? Maybe we could ship Kerry to Iran to be with his new son-in-law and his best man who created this disaster of an agreement in the first place.

Believe me, Barantz, when I say the Americans are “counting the days” when this administration is gone too! I can’t wait for America to “wake up”. I just hope it happens soon!

On another note, wouldn’t you love to see how far Baratz’s prediction would play out?

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Written by Nancy Hayes

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