Ben Carson compares refugees to “rabid dogs”

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CNN put together a montage of the Republican presidential candidates positions on Syrian “refugees.”  It’s hit piece that could have been put together by #TerroristLivesMatter or the #DemocraticNationalCommittee.  They led the piece with Ben Carson.

What they didn’t bother with was any reference to the Democratic presidential candidates positions on allowing ISIS to infiltrate the “refugee” stream from either Syria or Mexico.  For instance, this bit of wisdom from the Democratic front runner.

Got that? Good.

Republicans are racist, don’t you know.  Hillary is the mother of “Smart Diplomacy” that has worked so well to contain Russia and get Bashir Assad out of Syria.

Oh, not only is Carson, etal right, it seems the Democrats in the House of Representatives are a bunch of racists too.  They voted for a bipartisan bill to stop Syrian refugees from entering the US until the House of Many Colors could certify they weren’t affiliated with ISIS.  It was a veto proof vote.

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