Are You Scared? A Simple Question From Joe The Plumber [VIDEO]

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ISIS and other terrorist groups are no longer just being enabled to thrive in around the world by Barack Hussein Obama – he’s now pro-actively allowing them to enter our own country.

Bottom line? The America President is importing the enemy. Plain and simple.

The big question is; “Are you scared?” by Joe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher

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Re-distribution isn’t just about wealth for Obama, but also for his planned resettlement of 100,000 Syria refugees PER YEAR, who the FBI reports cannot be vetted to identify terrorists.

My wife and I are attending a NFL game in the near future and as we were returning from a doctor’s appointment for my 7 month old son yesterday, she asked me if I was now afraid of going to the football game?


I asked her why, but I had a feeling I knew the answer..

“Look what happened in Paris? People went out to enjoy themselves not knowing that Islamic-Nazi terrorists were conspiring to slaughter as many of them as they could – in highly planned, highly coordinated attacks;” she rightly remarked.

She went on to talk about how Obama is letting Islamic refugees into our country and the fact that the FBI themselves announced publicly they can’t possibly know who they really are.

The irony is that while we have no idea what the intentions of these so-called ‘refugees’ are – why wouldn’t we instead go about taking care of our own downtrodden first, since Obama is so obsessed about spreading the wealth here in America.

The Wurzelbacher family is only slightly familiar about Obama and his Socialist intentions, masked as ‘hope & change.’

In fact, my wife makes the point better than I could (but thankfully gave me the go ahead to publish this!)

I did remind her that this situation is one of many reasons we carry guns. We have to protect ourselves, especially with the kind of Administration and lack of leadership we currently have. Sadly, a handgun doesn’t stop a suicide bomb in the middle of a crowd.

Over at RedState, Erik Erikson talked about how he is happy he doesn’t have Star Wars tickets; no doubt in reference to that very fact. But he’s not the only one raising the issue:

I also had some friends talking about how they are worried about attending a concert the other night. The list goes on and on and begs the question: Are we going to stop going to the movies, sporting events or even get on a train in light of the Paris attacks?

We are experiencing what seems to be no effective efforts to stop terrorists “resettling” across the nation. It’s happening right here – right now.

You have to at the very minimum admit it is absolutely nuts that Americans should fear for their lives in their own DAMN country, right? I’m serious here. Have they already won? Is this go-time?

Only a few brave politicians have come right out and said that Obama is not just an incompetent Commander-in-Chief, laughed at around the world – but has no interest in protecting us inside our own borders.

What the HELL is OBAMA doing? Why are we letting him do it? What the hell is wrong with the elected Democrats and Republicans that are allowing Obama to make our country ready for multiple attacks like in Paris last week?

Didn’t we already have our Pearl Harbor? 9-11 anyone? It was in all the papers..


Despite Paris, Obama is holding the line on these 100,000 refugees from – let’s be honest – who knows where? He’s going through with it as planned, even as the majority of State Governors threaten to not accept any in their respective States.

States do not have the authority to refuse entry to migrants because resettlement is federally funded, and many governors continue to support the refugee plan. Paul Ryan could begin the process of defunding the refugee invasion, but then again, he could have been on board in defunding ObamaCare and how’s that workin’ for ya?

Are you scared?

Taking it to Hitlerian proportions (yeah, I said it), the Administration has announced it’s not just THESE 100,000 invaders (yeah , I said it) – of which over 85% are Muslim – but the plans are to make it 100,000 per YEAR! WTF?

Top officials in the White House – completely contrary to the FBI and anybody with an ounce of common sense – say they can weed out the terrorists from the “good” refugees, so why don’t you just chill out dude?

Get with the Choom gang, take a couple bong hits, play some golf and quit worrying about it, you silly American public. Here, have an ObamaPhone and call the TSA if you see a stadium or movie theater blowing up.

We’re going to take them in, pay for them to get here, give them some cash to get some.. uh, groceries, allow them access to food stamps, free education and no doubt, the aforementioned ObamaCare.

Then comes driver’s licenses, then comes voting, then comes bombing. Not necessarily in that order, by the way.

Scared yet?


Okay, how about these little nuggets: The head of Britain’s National security, says ISIS is actively planning mass casualty attacks in Britain and the US will not be far behind.

And why aren’t we stopping what’s going on already? The FBI has around 1000 open investigations into homegrown extremists, the lion’s share having been radicalized by ISIS.

Don’t believe the FBI? Well then just have a drawing contest and see if anybody shows up to shoot you and everyone else there because Muhammed is involved in a cartoon?

Ask the pilot of that Russian airliner that was just bombed out of the sky by ISIS if he thinks the US may be the next target…

… Oh yeah, he’s dead. Well, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say there’s a decent chance he’d say President Obama is not just a pussy, but an Islamo-Nazi himself. Yeah, I said it.

Are you scared? No?

Then watch this and get back to me:

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