It’s Amazing That This Would Be Controversial in America!

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This is great. Sad that it is even necessary, but it is the time that liberals have put us in.

If they would have put up a sign saying “Allahu Akbar” you would have seen Hillary nominate them for a medal and calling them brave.

Of course you’ll hear how there isn’t a war on Christmas, but the actions of the anti-Christian establishment is undeniable.


Check it out:

Look: Bakery Posts Controversial Warning Sign To Customers And Sparks Huge Backlash

A provocative placard prominently posted at the entrance of Springfield, Ohio’s Schuler’s Bakery has received media attention – and a wide-ranging reception. The sign served as a “notice” to incoming customers, advising anyone uncomfortable with the business’ ideology “are welcome to leave.”

WHIO initially reported the story after a viewer posted an image of the sign to the network’s Facebook page.

“This store is politically incorrect,” the sign states. “We say Merry Christmas [and] God Bless America.”

Among the other ideals expressed by the store’s owners is gratitude “to our troops, police officer and fire fighters.”


The controversial message ends with “In God we trust.”

Nearly 1,400 Facebook comments poured in during the first six hours after WHIO posted a link to the story. Many users defended the bakery and, by extension, the First Amendment.

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Why do liberals hate Christianity so much?  My personal belief is that it is because they hate the truth.

A further in depth look will make you understand that Christianity is opposite of the big government dependence that liberals try and maintain in their utopia.

America needs a revival and a return to values that we were founded on. Will we see that in our lifetime? We can only hope and pray.

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