Al Sharpton Says Black People “Don’t Do This”

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Sharpton: Blacks Don’t Commit Crimes

In an article by Kevin Jackson on The Blacksphere:

If you follow the logic of Al Sharpton, black people must live in crime-free neighborhoods.

I know that news is shocking, given the statistics that prove otherwise. We are told that black communities have the highest crime rates; however, these stats are demagogued to make black people look bad.


And though there is no crime in black neighborhoods, white cops routinely visit black communities to target black people. “Stop and frisk” is applied indiscriminately, at almost 100 percent, in black neighborhoods on black people.

Then they plant drugs or guns on black people, which accounts for the disproportionate incarceration rates of blacks in the criminal justice system.

Given these heinous statistics against blacks, it makes sense then that there are no black cops in America, right?  All the cops in America must be white — white racists, in fact. Because black cops would not arrest black people — at least not real black cops.

Those cops would be sellouts. If there were black cops, they would know that their duty “to protect and serve” would apply only to black people.

I’ve watched Law and Order and other cop shows, and I have seen Hollywood cops, like Ice T, rapper-turned-cop. But he’s an actor. In the real world, there can’t be black cops, or else they would have to be part of the system that is keeping blacks down.

I know that it is customary for the police to put cops of the same ethnicity in their neighborhoods. According to law enforcement psychologists, sometimes people want to talk to people who look like them and have a common cultural bond.

However, this can’t happen in the black community. The people arresting black people, unfairly of course, must be white cops.

If for some reason America allowed black cops, and I know there aren’t any, there would certainly be no blacks in charge of law enforcement. Have you ever heard of a black police chief, police commissioner, or sheriff? And God-forbid that a black man be put in charge of the Department of Justice! What kind of country would America be, if blacks were to reach the pinnacle of law enforcement?

There is no black law enforcement leadership, because no self-respecting black in power would allow blacks to be targeted, arrested in record numbers, and then fed to the corrupt whitey-controlled criminal justice system.

And that is why there is no possible way there are black lawyers in America. Sure, there was one, but he died. The late great Johnny Cochran…{the Lawd done took him too soon!}.

Oh and there was that “sellout” black lawyer who prosecuted OJ, who dated the white lawyer with whom he worked. He doesn’t count, because he is a Stepin Fetchit black lawyer. The passing of Johnny Cochran took the only black lawyer for black people.

Because there are no more black lawyers, black people are convicted at outrageous rates. White lawyers can’t possibly understand black people’s problem; thus, white lawyers collude with the prosecution to lock black people up. Because there is a conspiracy to arrest all black people…yes, including Oprah.

How else could so many black people end up in prison in disproportionate numbers?

But even if there were black lawyers, they would have to deal with white judges. America would never let a black lawyer become a judge.

I know what you think you see, when you watch Judge Joe Brown, but he’s not a real lawyer, is he? He’s an actor. Judge Greg Mathis doesn’t count; because he was a criminal before he was a judge. There is no way a black man could come out of the criminal justice system as a perp, and become a judge for real. Don’t be stupid…another actor.

Judge Lynn Toler, Judge Mablean Ephriam, Judge Glenda Hatchett…actress, actress, actress. Everybody knows that a black woman could never become a judge in white America.

The idea that a black person could get a law degree, then rise high enough to become a judge is ridiculous. What will they want me to believe next? That a black man could sit on the Supreme Court?

If we follow the logic of Sharpton, it’s clear that there is no crime committed by blacks, there are no black cops, no black lawyers, and no black judges. We’d have to believe in an America that would not allow a black man to lead the Department of Justice, an America that would never elect a black president.

Oh, and we’d have to believe that there is a roving band of George Zimmermans terrorizing black neighborhoods, particularly black teenage boys.

I don’t know about you, but the intelligence of Al Sharpton never ceases to amaze me. This from a guy who thanks to Obama and Mayor DeBlasio, just gave himself a 71% increase in salary. Sharpton’s pay increased from $241,545 in 2013 to $412,644. Meanwhile Sharpton still has outstanding tax liens of $3.4 million, including money he owes personally to both New York state and the IRS, and taxes owed by his businesses, according to public records. Sharpton should have joined Martha Stewart a long time ago, but guess it pays to know people in higher places and to have donated to the Dictator in Chief. Maybe Sharpton is color blind to the same guy that gave him a raise, and was elected as the first black president.  Hey Sharpton, it’s not about black and white. It’s not even about right and left. It’s about right and wrong. 

Don’t forget to check out a great friend of Joe For America, Kevin Jackson at The Blacksphere!




Written by Nancy Hayes

Follow on Twitter: @bodybynance



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