97% of Syrian Refugees to America are MUSLIM – Here’s a Map Where They Are

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President Obama wants another 200,000 Muslim “refugees” to call the US home.  The Department of Homeland Security can’t screen them so there’s a good probability that some or all of them will be Muslim terrorists.

According to the numbers, in the first month of resettlement DHS placed just under 200 “refugees.”  183 are Sunni Muslim. There were 3 Catholics and 1 Christian. That is 98% Muslim. Last year the percentage of Muslims in the Syrian flow to America was 97%.

Here’s a map of where they’re going.

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They’re number one destination?  Kentucky.

I find that somewhat surprising, but it’s Kentucky.  I hope Kentucky’s new Republican governor, Matt Bevin, is ready to deal with this onslaught because, they’re coming.

15-1104 They're Coming 2

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