93 words Speaker Ryan should read to stop GOP losing to Obama

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It has sold more than two million copies, and is one of the most famous negotiation books of all time. Getting to YES, which has been translated into more than 20 languages since 1981, is required reading for many people in business and law.


But the people who need it most are GOP Leaders. (Note to Speaker Ryan: you can find a used copy on Amazon for under three bucks.)

In it, a single paragraph on page 8 explains perfectly why the GOP loses every negotiation with President Obama:

In positional bargaining, a hard game dominates a soft one. If the hard bargainer insists on concessions and makes threats while the soft bargainer yields in order to avoid confrontation and insists on agreement, the negotiating game is biased in favor of the hard player. The process will produce an agreement, although it may not be a wise one. It will certainly be more favorable to the hard positional bargainer than to the soft one. If your response to sustained, hard positional bargaining is soft positional bargaining, you will probably lose your shirt.

And the American people have lost more than their shirts: we are $19 trillion in debt. It’s increasing every day!

House GOP leaders just passed a new $325 billion transportation bill that requires the federal government to borrow another $85 billion.

“Where will they find the $85 billion in savings?  The same place the found the $112 billion in “offsets” to fund the budget betrayal deal last week… [but] what is most offensive about this bill is that, by reauthorizing federal highway programs for another 6 years instead of 2 or 3 years, this bill will preemptively sabotage the leverage of the next president to force critical policy changes in the system…

Ryan himself claims to oppose Export-Import Bank, but this process clearly shows that he will not deviate from the Washington Cartel, even to push the few ideas he shares with conservatives”

So whether it comes to this transportation bill or the Keystone Pipeline, GOP needs to step it up and stop the insanity of Obama’s spending and stop increasing our national debt. Speaker Ryan needs to understand the principles of “not giving in” or would that be asking too much?

By promising never to let Obama shut the government down and fearing confrontation, the GOP loses every policy battle.

The irony is that while Obama always uses hard bargaining with the GOP, when negotiating with Iran’s mullahs he is suddenly soft as Charmin. Perhaps Getting to YES has been translated into Persian.

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