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40% Of Millennials Hate This Amendment: … No, not that one – THIS ONE!


Pew conducted a poll recently to see just how bad public education is failing our kids.  That probably wasn’t the original point of the poll, but it certainly was the outcome.

As some background recall that Democrats, and especially Harry Reid’s Senate Democrats spent considerable time over the last few years trying to repeal the 1st Amendment.  They were wholeheartedly supported in their efforts by the third estate, the media.


In the Pew poll forty percent of millennials, those just out of or still in school, said they thought it would be just fine for “the government” to restrict people from making “offensive” statements about minorities.  So I’m sure that those little snowflakes are certain I should be tossed in prison for noting that the #BlackLivesMatter organization is nothing but a bunch of thugs.  Oh, and Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are greenmailers.  Or that Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown were punks and gangbanger wannabes and the world – especially the “black community” – is better off with them in the ground.

What the snowflakes don’t realize, because their “teachers” failed them miserably, is that when “offensive” speech is banned they’ll be the first to go to the reeducation camps.  They don’t have a clue about “The Long March” and the millions that Mao murdered in the name of stomping down free speech.

They don’t have a clue about the Constitution.  I wouldn’t be surprised if most don’t know what the “Bill of Rights” is, or that the vast majority think that rights are handed out by the government in Washington DC.


After all, that’s exactly what their Democratic Party masters believe so why wouldn’t it be true.

15-1124 Reed

Kids, on the way to the reeducation camp you can thank your teachers.



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