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2,703 Shootings, 440 Deaths Year-To-Date: Guess Where?


Come on, guess.  I’ll give you a hint.  There was a big – and actually non-violent – demonstration yesterday shutting down Black Friday shopping in this city.  They’re up in arms about one black kid allegedly murdered by a cop, they don’t give a tinkers dam about the other 439 dead.

If you guessed De Moines or Topeka or Birmingham you’d be wrong.

It’s Chicago.

The best part of this is that the marchers are pissed off at their Mayor.  A white Republican.  Oops, that would be Rahm Emanuel, Barack Obama’s best buddy.

15-1128 BLM1

Apparently in the midst of a tough election campaign Emanuel withheld information on the shooting just days before the ballots were cast.  Word has it that had the information been released Rahm would be still looking for a job.

Guess which groups were marching.  Well, there was the #BlackLivesMatter fools along with the usual suspects.

They include demonstrators from the Nation of Islam, which is marching under the banner of “Justice of Else”; RevCom, the Revolutionary Communist Party, and the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition.

All good community organizations.  Where was Al Sharpton?  Have he and Jesse cut a deal on who gets which cities?

These yahoos are planning on disrupting shopping this year.  I’m really torn over this.  While I’d love to see the cops show up with water cannons and turn them into icicles, I’m pretty good with Christmas shopping being shut down in major Democratic strongholds.  Let their economies go further to hell in the culture they’ve built.

Oh, and nary a word about 439 dead Chicago residents who weren’t killed by cops.  Why?  They were killed mostly by black thugs, the offspring and neighbors of those shutting down shopping.

15-1128 BLM2

And if “White Silence = White Consent” does “Black Silence = Black Consent” in the deaths of the 439?  Obviously it does.



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