13 Year-olds Questioned about Sex & Prostitution in… Math Class? [VIDEO]

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I’ve lost count of which edition of “Putting Your Child in Public School is Child Abuse” this is.  Here’s what’s being taught in schools under the guise of “language arts” and “math.”

These kids, according to “educators,” are apparently mature enough to deal with sex and prostitution but heaven forbid they’re exposed to Shakespeare.  After all, he’s an old, dead, white, man.

Never fear, the school’s public relations officer was on the spot.

“The worksheet in question was utilized by Algebra I Honors classes and was chosen by a veteran teacher for its alignment with Florida Standards. While Maya Angelou is a well-known American Author and the facts of the worksheet are historically accurate, the Principal believes they were inappropriate for some students.  She has delivered a ParentLink message to 91 homes “sincerely apologizing” for the use of the material and met with the teachers that utilized the worksheet.”

Let’s look at this statement.

  1. The worksheet was chosen by a “veteran teacher.”
  2. It apparently aligns with the standards that Florida educators have set for 13-year-old children.
  3. The Principal believes the worksheet was inappropriate for some students.
  4. The Principal – a woman, incidentally – has apologized to some parents.
  5. She also met with the teachers.

Good grief.  Parents, home school your kids.

A veteran teacher picked the worksheet from a group that meets Florida’s standards for 13-year-old children.  The Principal thinks it was appropriate for only SOME students?  Apparently she’s right because only SOME parents objected.  Oh, and she met with the teachers.  I’d have given anything to be a fly on the wall in that meeting.

This is Common Core.  The US Department of Education loves it, the NEA loves it, the Departments of Education in most states love it, and Schools of Education in all fifty states love it.  What could go wrong?

By the way, Jeb! Bush loves it.

Parents should be setting up parent committees to review curriculum that their kids are exposed to.  “Educators” will howl to the heavens, but their bringing it on themselves.

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