100 Police Officers Raided This Man’s House: Never, EVER Expected This: [VIDEO]

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I’m shocked this story wasn’t featured at a Barack Obama press conference, after all, it deals with guns.  Lots and lots of guns.  Maybe he’s just been too busy making sure the Congress doesn’t get their hands on the emails that Hillary sent him after Benghazi.

A South Carolina man arrested for drug trafficking had packed a one-man arsenal of up to 10,000 stolen guns into his home and a bunch of tractor trailers off a highway, police said.15-1031 Guns3

“None of us have ever seen anything anywhere close to this,” Chesterfield County Sheriff Jay Brooks told WBTV.

Of course, the drug trafficker had never actually used any of the guns, he was just hoarding them.


Nicholson, the perp in question, doesn’t appear to have been a violent drug dealer, just a drug dealer.  And a thief and a hoarder.

Officers also found more than 500 chainsaws, taxidermy supplies, hunting crossbows and 4-wheelers around Nicholson’s property — much of which was also stolen, Brooks said.

The guy just liked stuff.

15-1031 Guns 2

He didn’t seem to like personal cleanliness much but his neighbors seem to have liked him.

Nicholson, 51, has been charged with trafficking opium and heroin. Deputies discovered his stash when they went to serve him with a subpoena Friday, and then busted him the next day.

One of Nicholson’s neighbors was shocked to learn of the scary stockpiling next door.

Even the cops were shocked.

You just never know sometimes.

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