10 Ways You Know Your Dog Loves You

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At the Curmudgeon house we’re dog people.  We know that nothing loves you like your dog.  Had a bad day?  Your pooch will be there for you and all he wants is to give you some lovin’.

Thanks to mom.me, because they laid out the ten best ways your pooch loves you.

#1.  He’ll always be loyal to you.

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If there’s one thing you can count on your dog for, it’s that you can always count on your dog. Everyone knows that dogs are among the most loyal creatures on the planet.  It’s stamped in their genes all the way back to wolves who typically mate for life and raise their cubs together, living as an extended family.  When you bring a dog into your home they become an integral part of your family, just with a little more hair.

Nine more warm and wonderful ways to go …

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