Young Boy Complains Of Stomach Pains, What Doctors Found Inside Him Is HORRIFYING

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In case you haven’t had your daily dose of weird yet, I think I have something for you that will surely fill the quota. Or make you vomit, I’m not sure which at this point.

A young boy from India had been complaining of stomach pains and after being checked out by doctors, was believed to have a tumor that needed to be removed. Only it wasn’t a tumor.


This is seriously horrifying.

From Daily Mail:

A four-year-old boy in India was born seemingly ‘pregnant’ due to an extremely rare condition.

The boy, from the village of Kharikabandh, in the Midnapore district of West Bengal, was born with a fetus inside his abdomen.

The boy may have condition known as ‘fetus in fetu’ – which is so rare it affects less than 1 in 500,000 births, and there are only 200 reports of it ever happening.

Dr Shirshendu Giri, who performed the surgery to remove it, told IBN Live: ‘The dead embryo – which had hands, legs, nails and a partially formed head  – was removed from the child’s body after a long operation.

‘The boy is is alright now still under close observation.’

‘Fetus in fetu’ is an incredibly rare condition where the malformed fetus is found in the body of its twin.

During the early stages of pregnancy, if a woman is pregnant with twins, one of the fetus can enter the other through the umbilical cord.

There, it becomes a parasite, depending on its sibling’s body for survival.

It’s highly unusual for the fetus to survive after birth, but can pose a deadly threat to the “host baby” for lack of a better term.

I can’t imagine how this poor kid must feel. Such a strange and rare thing to have happen to you.

Now you might be thinking it doesn’t get any weirder than this, but of course, you’d be dead wrong.

Apparently there was a little girl from China back in 2012 who had a breast and a third arm growing out of her back due to ‘fetus in fetu.’

Well, I certainly hope that gave you the fix of strange you needed for the day, if not, good luck finding something to scratch that itch.

Then again, with the Internet, I’m sure you’ll find something super out of the ordinary…

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