What This Common Core Study Guide is Teaching Kids About Guns is Making Parents FURIOUS

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Anyone who isn’t sold on the idea that public schools who have adopted Common Core are attempting to indoctrinate kids with progressive ideology must have their head buried deep inside a dark, smelly body cavity, because the loony left is making their agenda quite clear.

Raging liberal gun-grabbers have developed a study guide called, “The Battle Over Gun Control,” intended for teachers to use in order to influence the impressionable minds of young children to support their anti-Second Amendment rhetoric and policy stances.

This is not sitting well with parents who feel the study guide is an attempt by those who back Common Core to push their political agenda into a nationalized curriculum, something that’s been a big concern ever since these horrible standards were first developed and proposed.

Garbage like this is why I homeschool my kids.

From Fox News:

A study guide dubbed, “The Battle Over Gun Control,” authored by KQED, a northern Californian affiliate of National Public Radio, and the nonprofit, taxpayer-subsidized National Writing Project, states that “moderate gun control” measures introduced following the Sandy Hook school massacre were deep-sixed by the “powerful political influence” of the NRA. Second Amendment advocates say the wording, in supplemental material designed to help teachers plan instruction, frames the debate in a one-sided fashion aimed at influencing young minds.

“The issue took center stage in December, when a lone gunman entered an elementary school in Newtown, Conn., killing 20 children and six adults in one of the deadliest mass shootings in U.S. history,” reads an intro from the guide. “Yet, months down the line, the issue remains highly controversial: An attempt to enact moderate new gun control measures this spring was voted down in the Senate, due in part to the powerful political influence of gun rights groups like the National Rifle Association.”

Concerned parents and longtime critics of Common Core say that this is just another example of flaws associated with the federally-imposed standards. While Common Core itself is not technically a curriculum, it drives classroom lessons by imposing a standard, nationalized test. Both private and nonprofit curriculum providers tout their material for its alignment with the standards tested in the Common Core examinations.

“This guide shows that the common core philosophy of education is coming to all schools.” Alice Linahan, founder of Voices Empower, a grassroots organization that opposes Common Core, told FoxNews.com. “It’s a shift from teaching fact to teaching attitudes, belief and behavior.”

“Does a child get a job because they can read well, write well and have competent math skills, or do they get a job for supporting gay marriage and gun control?” she said.

“The Battle Over Gun Control” also lists eight relevant Common Core standards for English, Language Arts and Social Studies and how to use methods like information gathering from varied media and other formats, comprehension of informational texts and analytical writing with substantive arguments. The Department of Education funds the National Writing Project with grants that total more than $25 million annually.

Critics say the guide purports to give both sides of the hotly contested topic, but steers the debate to favor stricter gun control. In what the authors refer to as “key points on the gun control issue” from an NPR blog. The “Topic Background” contained in the guide explains that “interpreting the intent of the framers of the Constitution is at the heart of the gun-control debate.”

The materials offer “guiding questions” for students such as:

-“Are rules and guidelines that were created over 200 years ago still applicable today?”

-“When a greater number of people in our society own guns, are we safer or more at risk?”

-“How accurate is this statement: ‘The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.’”

This is a guide created by organizations that are funded by the government — our tax dollars — which means NPR and the National Writing Project are pushing an agenda that is obviously supported by the progressive overlords in the government who want to convince future generations to simply hand over their Second Amendment rights by brainwashing them with this anti-gun junk.

What’s even more frightening is that schools throughout the entire country are likely to start using this anti-gun study guide, which means this is basically a nationalized curriculum, something the knuckleheads who pushed Common Core said wouldn’t happen. Yet here it is, happening right now before our very eyes.

Progressives adhere to the belief that a Utopian society requires citizens to be loyal and dedicated to the government elites who are supposedly capable of solving all of the world’s woes through legislation and consolidation of power at the federal level.

This is why the loony left has set their sights on our children and have been doing all in their power to undermine mom and dad’s authority and values, painting parents up to be incompetent and unable to adequately raise and instruct kids.

After years of beating this in their heads, the government successfully creates brainwashed statist robots who will do their master’s bidding without a second thought.

We’re seeing just how successful this strategy is for them right now as whole generations of new college graduates are entering the workforce with warped, self-entitlement thinking deeply ingrained in their being.

Before, things were done more subtly, but now, thanks to Common Core, the government is no longer shy about turning future generations into progressive socialists, conducting their sick scheme right out in the open for all to see.

This is what’s truly disturbing about this anti-gun study guide.

Clearly the government is targeting the future generation as the ones they can convince to repeal and remove the Second Amendment, and that’s why they’re teaching this craptastic curriculum in the classroom.

Pay attention to what your kids are learning, folks.

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