Watch: Thousands Of Migrants Caught On Video. There’s One BIG Problem People Are Noticing

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Guess who’s coming to dinner? This video shows the latest wave of “migrants” coming into Europe from “Syria.” Remember, Barack Obama and the Democrats want 200,000 people just like these in the US over the next two years.

Did you happen to notice anything about that mob? Like maybe they’re all 20-somethings and all men? And all Muslims? Guess what the profile for a Muslim terrorist is? Maybe 20-30 years old and male.

Europe is hosting a disaster in the making. Are all of these men terrorists? Probably not, but you can bet your last dollar that they all support the imposition of Sharia Law in the country they’ll eventually settle into. And, virtually all of them will be on welfare.


This is nothing less than economic terrorism being practiced by Muslims. They’re invading Europe – which is already in a perilous economic state – and will quickly overwhelm their welfare systems. Not to mention trying to house them.

By this time next year you can expect riots to be widespread because of the “unfair” economic conditions in their host countries. No jobs and young men – angry young Muslim men – roaming the streets. It’s a recipe for disaster.

And, thanks to Barack Obama, that same recipe is on it’s way to our shores.

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