WATCH: Hillary Gets Trapped in Her Lies About Benghazi: [VIDEO]

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Who started the lie that the 9-11 attacks Benghazi resulting in four dead Americans was because of a YouTube video?

Watch the video below of Congressman Jim Jordan questioning Hillary Clinton regarding her role in blaming it for the Benghazi attacks – then make up your own mind.

“Where’d the false narrative start? It started with you, Madame Secretary,” Jordan said at the Benghazi hearing – then the lies start to fly: Scroll  down for the VIDEO.


National Review reports that in the course of his questioning of Clinton on her conduct surrounding the 2012 Benghazi attack, Ohio Republican congressman Jim Jordan revealed several new, previously overlooked e-mails indicating the Obama administration, the State Department, and Clinton herself all knew the assault was driven by al-Qaeda-linked terrorists — even while they all told the American people and the families of victims that a riot sparked by an anti-Islam YouTube video was responsible.

She knew the attacks had nothing to do with the video and told her family and world leaders it had nothing to do with the video. She then went out and told the American people it was all because of this video.

Members of the Obama Adminimstration, including Susan Rice went out and told the American people the same lie. Rice went on every show on every network to quickly clain that the whole this was; “a spontaneous reaction as a consequence of a [Youtube] video.”

Obama went off to a fundraiser in Las Vegas, but who cares – he’s finally going to be flushed through our system like a bad oyster in about a year.

This is about Hillary Clinton. She even went so far as to telling family members of the victims that the pastor who made the video would be brought to justice.

Hillary Clinton at senate hearing

Bottom line: This is a liar who is very, very close to becoming President of the United States. She lied then, she lies now. Lie after lie after lie.

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