Violent Thug Convicted Of Rape Curses At Judge In Court: Judge Changes His Sentence.. OOPS!

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“I don’t have to listen to this s—t,” said the thug rapist scumbag to the judge after being sentenced… didn’t exactly go over well with the Judge who reacted, lets’ just say, a little harshly:

Tyler Grogan recently appeared in court to hear how long he would have to spend in prison. The Atlanta-area defendant soon grew weary of Fulton County Superior Court Judge Alford Dempsey’s stern reprimand and erupted with a profane, eight-word interjection.

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The judge reportedly made the sentence far more harsh after Grogan’s disrespectful remark.

Grogan’s attorney tried to reduce the punishment by telling the judge that the thug was “sorry” for his savage crimes and blamed the behavior on Grogan’s mother’s death prior to the incident — as if the death of a man’s mother justifies kidnapping, felony assault, shooting at police and repeated rapes.

It didn’t work, and the disgusted judge stuck by his ruling.

After the sentencing, Grogan’s friends and family showed what lowlifes they themselves were, screaming and cursing at the bailiffs, the attorneys and the news crew, and having to be restraining as they threw several punches.

Tyler Grogan received his sentence after robbing a White couple and holding them hostage, then repeatedly raping the woman for hours while a SWAT team prepared to assault his position. The crime was reported also to have “racial overtones”, but Grogan was not charged with a hate crime.

Judge Alford Dempsey was reviewing Grogan’s horrific crimes prior to sentencing, going through the usual verbal weighing of the facts as judges typically do, prior to announcing prison time.

Interrupting the judge, Grogan remarked: “I don’t have to listen to this shit.”

That was a very bad move.

The judge then told Grogan, “Well, you’re gonna hear it, and I don’t give a rat’s behind if you like it or not.”

Judge Dempsey then dropped the bomb on the arrogant animal — the judge’s own words for him — sentencing Grogan to seven consecutive life sentences with an additional 270 years in prison — the maximum punishment allowable for his crimes.

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