WATCH: A-10 Warthog Blasts Jihadist on a Moped to Smithereens: [VIDEO]

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The video below is just an example of what’s about to start happening again to Muslim terrorists in Iraq.  The A-10 Warthog is back in rotation and that’s really bad news for terrorists.

Twelve A-10 Thunderbolt II attack planes have been deployed to Incirlik Air Base, Turkey, to conduct strikes against Islamic State targets in Syria and Iraq, according to Pentagon and Air Force officials.

The Warthogs are replacing six F16 fighters that are rotating out of the theater.  Here’s what Muslim terrorists in Iraq can expect to be happening on a regular basis from now on.  This guy was out for a scooter ride.

Hope he enjoyed it, he won’t be doing it again.

The Obama Pentagon went out of their way to say that the replacement is “no big deal.”  The A-10 Warthog is “just another platform.”

The A-10s will replace six F-16s deployed from Aviano Air Base, Italy, since early August to support operations against the Islamic State. Crane said the aircraft would return to Italy soon.

At a press briefing Wednesday, the Pentagon emphasized that replacing the six F-16s, which have an air-to-air mission and are capable of dropping large munitions on enemy air defenses, with the 12 A-10s, which are better known for their close ground support role, did not signal a change in tactics in the U.S. and coalition air campaign in Syria.

“These A-10s are replacing some F-16s that were rotating out. There is nothing special or magical about the actual platform. It’s the ability to conduct strikes. A-10 is just another platform,” said Col. Steve Warren, spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve.

The Obama Air Force hates the A-10 Warthog with a passion.  It’s not fast, it’s not “air-to-air,” and it’s ugly.  Unless you happen to be an infantryman in need of air support.  Then it’s a life-saver.  It’s the most feared tank-killing platform out there, US Abrams tanks tend to back off the battlefield when the Warthogs show up, they don’t want to be “friendly fire.”

In fact, the Warthog is being discontinued in favor of more exciting aircraft like the F-35.  What should happen is that the Warthog should be taken away from the Air Force, who are more interested in redesigning the cockpit of fighters so more women can be combat pilots, and given to the Army and the Marine Corps.  They actually do the fighting and they’re the ones who appreciate the Warthog.


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