Val Kittington, Navy Veteran, Jumps into the Presidential Primary

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Val Kittington, a wild card Republican candidate with the potential to stir up the primary season like Herman Cain did, has just officially registered with the Federal Elections Commission.

Val Kittington is a Military Veteran of the U.S. Navy and was born in the same small town as the Smith & Wesson. Her personality seems to reflect both.

She is Pro-God, Pro-Gun, Pro-Life, Pro-Military, Pro-Israel… Anti-Obamacare and Anti-Common Core.

Val Kittington is Pro-Constitution.
Val Kittington is Pro-Constitution.

Val Kittington is Pro-Constitution.

On Evolution, Val Kittington says, “Evolution is a theory, not a scientific hypothesis, nor science, nor a broad based event. There were many theories back then. A theory is founded on inferences; it is only speculation. Therefore, though Evolution has become a primary theory, it shall not have preference over the other primary theory, but instead have and enjoy equal exploration.

I have not seen her in action on the stage, but if she can command the stage like my research finds she commands life in general, it  should be no problem.

Primaries have three levels of candidates.

Top Tier, Bottom Tier and off the radar. Occasionally a candidate gets an opportunity to move up or down that ladder.

In 2011, Herman Cain went from virtually unknown to the highest jump in the polls during the cycle. At one point he was beating Romney 30 to 22 percent.

That summer presidential candidate Vern Wuenche came very close to beating Michele Bachman for last place in the Iowa Caucuses and came very close to becoming national news.

Campaigns are often a huge mountain to climb. It takes a lot of money, a lot of work, and a lot of luck. But sometimes it all pays off.

The primary season is an important training ground for the general election. Both for the candidates, and the voter. There are certain candidates, that while are not my choice as a pick, definitely are a net positive to the primary season.

I have some issues with Fiorina, Rubio, and Trump, but their contributions to this election cycle have been very important.

A valuable asset that we rarely take advantage of is the candidates that are running, like Val Kittington, that are not in the media spotlight.

If nothing else, these candidates are working hard on the campaign trail, changing minds and hearts of some of those who hear their message.

Sometimes, however, a candidate like Kittington can get a breakout moment and really stir things up.

There are a number of people who have filed to join the race that the media never covers and that most people will never know were even there. From what I have seen of that pack, Val Kissington is the most likely to be the one to have that breakout moment.

Can Val Kittington win? Yes! Of course! This is America! Anything is possible.
Can Val Kittington win? Yes! Of course! This is America! Anything is possible.

Can Val Kittington win? Yes! Of course! This is America! Anything is possible.

Can Val Kittington lose? NO! Whether she takes a place at the primary table and wins the Republican ticket or not, she wins.

My #BaldAsBeautiful #CampaignGuru friend John LaRosa of Four Tier Strategies often speaks of the candidate farm. You have  to grow a candidate. Part of that growth is often the first campaign.

It is actually a rare thing for people to win their first campaign. But we always have an incredible group of good people available who have passed that learning curve and could win in a second run because of the experience they gained from that initial campaign. There are always a lot more wins in that second run.

Whether Val Kittington walks to the White House or not, watch for her to be a voice. Watch for her to make an impact in the fight for true conservatism. Watch her keep running until she wins.

Many will say, “She can’t win, she won’t even make it to the bottom tier.” maybe not, but all I know is I spent a lot of time listening to people say the same thing about Herman Cain. Another generation of grassroots activists remember the same thing being said about Ronald Reagan.

Trump, Carson, and Fiorina are sweeping most Republican voters as non-politicians. The atmosphere is ripe for non-politician candidates at all levels.

So we will see! Whatever the outcome, I expect Val Kittington to be making waves for a long time, and as a Military Veteran of the U.S. Navy she is most likely… very familiar with waves.

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