VA Gets Shorted $2.6 Billion While Obama Admin Budgets $4.5 Billion on Syrian Migrants

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We are long past the point where the VA should be privatized. Just a few years ago it was hailed as the model for single payer health care … and it turns out, it is. Veterans can’t get an appointment for critical care, administrators keep off-the-books systems of appointments so their numbers look good, the cost of care is astronomical, vets die waiting for care, and nobody is held accountable.

The latest twist in the VA insanity occurred when VA administrators told the Congress, less than 90 days before the end of the fiscal year, that they were coming up $2.6 billion short in funds to care for vets.

In the “never let a crisis go to waste” department the Secretary of Veterans Affairs told the Congress that if they didn’t get relief immediately they would have to start denying vets care. I want to know what he means by “start denying”? The VA has been denying veterans care through extending appointment times for the last seven years. They also threatened to close VA hospitals.

Obama’s latest version of a Secretary for VA had the audacity to say this:

“What you’re seeing is a sea change in the way VA operates,” he said. “Historically, we’ve managed to a budget instead of managing to requirements based on veterans’ needs.”

(*&^(*(_%$#%####S^*^&_($# you, Mr. Gibson.

The Congress passed a $3.5 billion emergency spending bill to keep the doors open.

Meanwhile, the administration may be more than willing to throw veterans on the street, but they’ve got cash galore for Syrian terrorists to move into your neighborhood.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest says the United States will direct nearly $419 million in humanitarian aid toward helping Syrian refugees.

Earnest says the money will help pay for emergency health care, safe drinking water, food and shelter.

Earnest says the U.S. has now committed to spend $4.5 billion to help address the dire conditions inside Syria and in refugee camps scattered across the region.

The money will come through the U.S. Agency for International Development and Congress will not have to approve the additional spending .

It’s all about priorities. And the Obama administration’s priorities have never included veterans or the US military.

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