Typical Piers Morgan, You Don’t Agree With Me, So You Are Stupid … Hello, I’m a Brain Surgeon!

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If there’s anybody on earth dumber than Piers Morgan I’ll be shocked.

The guy is a Progressive commentator and looks at life through a Brit Socialist lens. His commentary may be well received in England, but he’s as out of place as anyone could possibly be here in the US.

A number of guests on his ill-fated TV show made that clear. Ted Nugent left marks.


15-1008 NugentHis latest attempt at flailing at windmills is in the Daily Mail and it’s aimed at Ben Carson, arguably the smartest guy to run for President since maybe John Adams. To say Morgan is out of his league is a massive understatement.

Morgan’s rant is the result of Dr. Carson’s comments about the Oregon shootings and is just another episode in his war against guns.

So why does [Dr. Carson] persist in making public statements that make him sound like the most brainless jerk in America?


He compared homosexuals to bestiality and announced that being homosexual was ‘absolutely’ a choice, explaining: ‘A lot of people go into prison straight and when they come out, they’re gay.’

He followed this by saying that Obamacare, a policy established to bring 30 million uninsured poor people into healthcare, was ‘the worst thing to happen to the nation since slavery’, adding: ‘And it is slavery in a way.’

His next pronouncement was that America is now ‘very much like Nazi Germany’ and the Obama administration acts ‘like the Gestapo’.


More recently, he declared that no Muslim could ever become president, despite the U.S. constitution making it very clear that ‘no religious Test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust in the United States.’

By now I was fairly convinced that Dr Carson was a nasty little bigot.

What I didn’t expect him to be was stupid, or a man lacking in principle even if I didn’t agree with those principles.

But then came the issue of guns.


Since the mass school shooting in Oregon, though, Dr Carson’s had a re-think about guns.

Or more of a cowardly U-turn for pure political expediency.

‘Guns don’t kill people,’ he told Fox & Friends yesterday, with a straight face.

Later, he stopped by The View and said he’d like kindergarten teachers to be armed.

Then, asked by Fox News if he’d go the scene of the Oregon shooting as President Obama is doing, he replied: ‘I would probably have so many things on my agenda that I’d go to the next one.’

Morgan rants on as only Morgan can and reinforces the fact that he knows absolutely nothing about the founding of America, he thinks we’re still British colonies. The 2nd Amendment is repulsive to him and he can’t deal with a society where freedom is valued over all things.

He ends his rant on a vicious note.

An America run by Dr Carson would be a shameful place.

One where intolerance is king and death is inconsequential.

I hope he gets bounced out of this race very soon, before it’s too late.

Piers, you got fired from the most liberal network in the nation because you were a nutcase and couldn’t attract an audience. It’s obvious why.


Here’s hoping you stay in the UK.

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