Two Women Are In Recovery After What Just Happened To Them…It Lasted 30 Minutes

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Two young women from Indiana are facing a long recovery from wounds they suffered in a vicious attack by a pack of pit bulls that set upon the victims as they were out jogging.

Police in Carroll County, Indiana report that on October 1, the pair, 19 and 20-years-old, were running through a rural area when the four dogs went after them.


In a story on TPNN:

According to the Lafayette Journal & Courier, the girls told police that they backed away from the pack of dogs and then tried to run across a field to their home. However, the swift animals overtook them and viciously dragged them both to the ground where the animals began to rip and tear at the girls’ legs, arms and heads.

Authorities have identified the two women as Isabella George and Rebekah Forgey. While Isabella is recovering at home with deep puncture wounds and bruises all across her body, her cousin, Rebekah, wasn’t as lucky.

Forgey had more than 75 percent of her scalp torn off and a portion of a leg muscle was ripped from her body. She is listed in stable condition in intensive care. Forgey will need multiple skin and muscle grafts and doctors say her scalp is so badly injured that she will never be able to grow her hair back.

“It is like a scene out of a horror movie. When I saw them they were covered in blood and just mauled. It was terrible,” said Shena George, Isabella’s mom.

The pair said they fought the dogs for a full 30 minutes — a half-hour of virtual torture.

A neighbor and the owner of the dogs, Richard Darter, 50, tried to intervene and stop the attack, but he was also mauled as he attempted to help the women.

Police say that the only thing that stopped the dogs was when a woman driving by on the remote road saw the ongoing attack and decided to drive her truck into the field toward the scene. The approaching truck scared the dogs off and, police say, saved the lives of all three people the pit bulls were mauling.

The passerby, deemed a “Godsend” by Carroll County Sheriff Toby Leazenby, also called authorities.

By the next day the Carroll County sheriffs had rounded up all the dogs, killing one in the process. The other three were euthanized by animal control.

The dogs’ owner had been cited in the past for not controlling his animals and now the sheriff is calling for the owner to be prosecuted.

Thank goodness for the “Godsend.” I can NOT even image this going on for a FULL THIRTY minutes, let alone 5 minutes. These women are lucky to be alive! I would say Richard, the owner of the dogs, should get a good lawyer because he will be facing a lawsuit in the very near future.  I can’t even imagine the horror that these two women went through, especially Isabella. OMG – 75% of your scalp torn! God Bless these ladies. Those dogs were definitely – OUT of control! I love dogs, but these dogs were definitely bad! 


Written by Nancy Hayes

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