So You Think Donald Trump is a Conservative?

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Lot’s of people are hailing Donald Trump as a “conservative savior.” The Donald is a lot of things, but you might want to rethink the “conservative” part.

One of the bedrock principles of the founding of the nation was the right to own property. It’s enshrined in the Constitution and until recently the government could not take your property unless it was “for the public good” like building a railroad or a public building.

That was until Anthony Kennedy decided to side with the four progressive SCOTUS justices who’ve never read the Constitution. The five of them ruled, in a ruling called “Kelo,” that your city or town being able to get more tax revenue from somebody else gave them the right to take your property.

Here’s what Donald Trump had to say recently about Kelo.

“Well, I think eminent domain is wonderful if you are building a highway and you need to build, as an example a highway, and you are going to be blocked by a holdout or, in some cases it’s a holdout, nobody knows this better than I do because I built a lot of buildings in Manhattan and you’ll have 12 sites and you’ll get 11 and you’ll have one holdout and you end up building around them and everything else, so I know better than anybody,” Trump said.

The billionaire continued, “I think eminent domain for massive projects, for instance you are going to create thousands of jobs and you have somebody who is in the way, and you pay that person far more — don’t forget, eminent domain, they get a lot of money. And you need a house in a certain location because you are going to build this massive development that is going to employ thousands of people … I think eminent domain is fine.”

And here’s how Trump used eminent domain in Atlantic City.

Before Anthony Kennedy, for over 200 years, eminent domain was not about “economic development” it was about “public good.” Kennedy and the Obama appointees have turned it into the ability for government to steal and they’ve turned the concept of property rights as understood by the founders on it’s head.

This sums it up nicely.



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