The Video Hillary Does Not Want You To See! [video]

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The Republican National Committee released a new attack ad targeting Hillary Clinton over her private email scandal ahead of the first Democratic presidential debate on Tuesday.

“Ahead of the #DemDebate, this is the video Hillary doesn’t want you to see,” Priebus wrote on Twitter.

The video shows Clinton claiming she didn’t send or receive classified information on her private email followed by reports that contradict the claim. The ad also emphasizes the seriousness of the FBI investigation into her private server.

The ad concludes with the following words: “Hillary Clinton is not telling us the truth…again.”

Of course we ALL know that Clinton didn’t send or receive classified information on her private email, right? We also know the results of the recent Quinnipiac poll where citizens were asked what was the first word that came to mind when they thought of Hillary. Results were: #1 Liar #2 Dishonest #Untrustworthy

So the video, sounds about right, doesn’t it? Afterall, this is the same lady who when asked about Benghazi said: 


Well, Hillary…..I guess we will see what difference it does make!


Written by Nancy Hayes

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