The Shame

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So I discovered something extremely disturbing today, something that most of you are never going to believe.

It seems that the Socialist mayor of New York City is having all pictures of George Washington removed from Gracie mansion….seriously he is. Now you may ask yourself why he would do such a thing, well, it seems that George is not culturally diverse enough to represent New York. That’s right, the father of our country is not good enough for New York. It seems the pictures are going to replaced with pictures of Frederick Douglas.

This is Socialism people, this is how it works. We’re supposed to be ashamed of our founding fathers. Wait, it gets worse, one of the front runners in the Democratic party is an admitted socialist and at the debate, Hillary Clinton admitted to being a progressive, that’s just another word for Socialist.

They’ve even come up with a word for those of us who have American ancestors going back hundreds of years, we’re now called Nativists, like it’s a bad thing or something.

I want to make something clear here and now without being threatening…I WILL NEVER LIVE UNDER A SOCIALIST GOVERNMENT.

I did not serve my Country and spend 12 years serving my community in law enforcement to support that. I am not covered with scars and permanently damaged to force my fellow Americans to be ashamed of our Country. Obama, we did build it, and we are proud of it.

Thousands of fellow Law Enforcement officers and Veterans will be reading this, and I doubt you’ll find a single one who disagrees with me.

There are millions of us, armed, trained and experienced, don’t think we’ll sit back and do nothing as you take America down the drain. If we’re pushed far enough, we can take it back.

I almost forgot to mention, the New York city mayor ran on an anti-police platform, now he can’t figure out why crime rates are rising. Brilliant isn’t he?

Crime rates are rising in all the Northern cities that have been making it a business to attack law enforcement, and this will continue.

Back in my day, when someone was running for office, they went for the backing of the law enforcement community first, I guess those days are gone now.

To all of you who are claiming to be progressives and socialists, I just wonder what kind of scumbags you are. If you’re so ashamed of the history of America that you can’t display a picture of one of our most important figures…GET OUT!!

Try living in a truly socialist country for a while.


To the citizens of New York…are you really going to sit back and let this happen?


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