“The Free-Speech Apocalypse”: A Film You May Soon be Prevented From Seeing

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In 2012, Pastor Douglas Wilson was invited to speak at Indiana University on the topic of  Sexuality from a biblical perspective, in a lecture series titled; “Sexual by Design”. Indiana University is home of the infamous sexologist Alfred Kinsey and the Kinsey Institute.

The intensity that ensued on April 13, 2012  was unreal. Midwest college students decided that Wilson’s traditional views were considered “hate speech” and hurled insults and profanity, as well as disrupting his attempt to rationally present his views as acceptable.

“The Free Speech Apocalypse” is an eye-opening film which gives the viewer a close-up glimpse into the world of the contemporary University campus; where young adults have been literally brainwashed into believing that ideas and differing points of view are dangerous and must be stopped.

The film exposes the strategies of the anti-God, anti-traditional, hyper-liberal elite and offers perspective on the cultural decay that has accelerated across the country over the three years since Wilson’s visit to Indiana University.

Conservatives may not know or understand this danger and the implications should the leftists pushing it prevail: Anyone who speaks out about it is treated as extremist fringe and risks their career and perhaps their well-being. The sad truth is that folks who don’t speak out are enabling it..

In a nutshell, the left is shutting down the right of free speech for conservatives, people of faith and is in the act of making Christianity illegal if not kept to themselves. We live in times where if a pair of Muslims don’t want to deliver beer because of their religious beliefs, the government’s Department of Justice intervenes and prevails on their behalf.

However, that same Justice Department, when Christians don’t wish to bake a cake for homosexual “marriages’  – also intervenes, but goes about attacking the Christian’s faith as being illegal and leaves their business in ruins.

In the end, through the full force of a centralized, Marxist-style Federal government effort – the Muslims are awarded $250,000 and the Christians get fined hundreds of thousands of dollars and even face potential incarceration.

This powerful film clearly demonstrates the erosion of free speech and religious liberty in America.

The Director of “The Free Speech Apocalypse” is Darren Doane, who also helmed the ground-breaking documentary COLLISION and the box-office smash-hit UNSTOPPABLE.

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Doane has a tremendous background and wealth of experience in music and video production with the likes of Jason Mraz, Colbie Caillat and the Zac Brown Band, to name a few. Darren took time out of his busy schedule this past week to do an interview with Joe For America:


JFA: I think people just don’t see it. It’s like the frog in hot water parable.

Darren: It really is. One of the inspirations in doing the film. I worked with with Christians. I worked with Zac Brown. I’ve worked with heavy metal groups. My experience – it’s all over the place. Last year, I made a movie called “Saving Christmas”. The amount of attack that that movie got – it did something to me. I really don’t think people understand where we are.

The response to the movie woke me up. Christians even attacked making a movie about Christmas. I am not pulling any punches. Look at my body of work – free speech. I don’t think people know where we’re at. They asked me, “Why are you picking a fight?” I’ve been silent. I’ve been patience.

I said, “Guys do you realize what the agenda is here?” My weapon is making films. I’m going to throw a punch and I’m going at it with the swagger – like the artists, who know how to kick butts and give them a good time. I want a limited government.

JFA: There’s a lot of talk of people’s “agendas” in the film. What is your fundamental warning to Americans with this film?

Darren: My fundamental warning is there is no such thing as being neutral. It’s impossible. Everyone has an agenda. When you see a new stop sign going up. There’s a story and narrative behind it. By the time you get down to policy  – there is an agenda. People want something to be accomplished. There is no such thing as neutrality. Everybody is pushing for their ‘dog’. You can’t legislate morality? I’m not trying to be a smart ass – but my response is always “What do you mean? Every law that gets passed is moral.”

I can’t think of one law that’s not imposing some  form of morality. You say that and people think you are playing with them or words. Every time you have a law – there is nothing you can not do that is not imposing morality. They think they can be neutral.WE live in …major moral laws. Some people will say, “Oh that’s just the Government or “Oh those City Council people!” Well, government doesn’t fall from the sky! They didn’t come from the sky. They are people, and those people pass the ordinances. Those people got there because they were voted in. Don’t you realize you can replace the people. I think Conservatives, Chrisitans think we have two worlds and two sets of rules that exist. Rules for us and rules for those who are government. I want people to realize you can do something. We live in the same world. I want people to realize you can change that.

JFA: Are you concerned that you’re preaching to the choir or is the choir just as unaware here?

Darren: I don’t think I ‘m preaching to the choir to be honest with you. I don’t know that the choir is out there yet. Conservatives and/or Christians that come to see this, they may think this is kind of cool. They may think they are the choir and preached to, but they will be rattled. My hope is that purely conservatives, mainstream Republicans will watch this and say that “it doesn’t get you off the hook.” Christians – I hope they don’t get off the hook either. Libertarian’s religious component – to my Christian brothers and sisters – their faith has to actually DO something. They have to get off their butts and do something.

JFA: What are the major institutions which enabled or even helped this creeping anti-free speech movement?

Darren: Education. The Public School System. Historically we can look at certain things like The Civil War, Conservatives, Libertarians – all hate big government, yet ask people if they think we should get rid of public schools? Most will say no, it’s not a government program. They all don’t want getting something for free, so why is it we are anti-government for all these other programs, but not education? I do not believe that government needs to be in the education business.

Pulbic school system is not working. Eliminate the public school system. Then if Atheists want their own school, they have a freedom and right to go there. If Christians want their own school, they can go there.

Public school system is not the answer. In the film, Free Speech Apocalypse, these students have graduated, and a handful of those are now teaching in the public schools. Those are the people that are in control and making decisions. I am for more privatization of schools.


JFA: Do you think they believe they’re fighting fire with fire and know they’re just thinking up new ways to discriminate?

Darren: They know they have won the battle over words. They know they have redefined the words to fit their agenda. Tolerance no longer means to put up with something. It now means to accept and celebrate. They have won the battle of convincing people to keep their “faith” private and personal. Now that they have established that, they are moving in to take all the real estate they can gobble up based on those two victories. People need to wake up and respond with 3 points:
1. Neutrality is impossible and secularism is starting to give up on the idea.
2. Since real tolerance is a true good, and it is, we therefore should ask what (non-neutral) worldview is most conducive to it. Answer: Christianity.
3. Look at the behavior of the students there at IU. Were they being consistent progressives or inconsistent? Why? By what standard?”

JFA: Do you believe the endgame is to make Christianity against the law?

Darren: Has to be. You don’t ever have to say Christianity is against the law. If you believe that 4 people don’t have the right to be married, they can just say “That’s discrimation”. Discrimation is against the law. No one is ever going to say, Christianity is against law. They will say the values/principles Christians stand for are against the law.

But I’m an optimist. I don’t believe we are going to lose. We are going to WIN! Part of winning is the team waking up. THIS is a wake up call. I want people to see, if we wake people up, more people can play the game.

JFA: On the subject of Bruce Jenner: If you stick a branch in your eye, does it make you a tree?

Darren: No. I don’t think mutilating your body makes you something different. We are actually discussing mutilating one’s body to change what a person is. You have to start pushing people. Everyone is a bigot. Everone gets to the point where they draw a line. So for example you may ask, “so you don’t believe in gay marriage? Do you think 3 people should be allowed to marry?” …..Their answer may be, “Well, no.” ….”Ok, so I just want to find out where your line is and where you draw the line for bigot”….There is always a line…. most people in gay comunity don’t believe 3 people should be married. They think it’s offensive. Gays just want to be like heterosexuals.

Example, I’m on an airplane, having a discussion with a “drag queen” who’s in his early 50’s. He’s laughing. He says, “I’m gay because I love having tons of sex and now the entire gay community just wants to be married.”

Even they are going to have their own internal struggle. We are going to get to a point where one day man is going to say; “I just realized, I’m just elephant.” He’s going to cut his penis off and say “I’m a trans-species. I want to put it on top of my nose.” We are not that far away.

I’m trying to be funny and graphic – like you said, that frog keeps boiling. We have to start shocking people. You are IN this moment right now.

My mom watched “Free Speech Apocalypse” and said  to me; “I had no idea that was going on at college campuses.”  I thought we all knew. I thought other things would shock her. She was shocked at colllege kids. This was a Christian pastor visiting and speaking at a liberal campus. We need a new narrative. The narrative needs to wake people up.

JFA: Are “transgenders” for the most part troubled and confused people or is there a legitimate mental health problem and solution like a lot of health conditions?

Darren: I think we all have a mental probelm. I think we are all born into sin. Before I became a Christain, back in my younger years when I was between 13-25, I was insane. The choices and things I did. I was absolutely insane. Everyone thought I was nice, but I can look back and say I was insane – spirituallity.

I think the gospel moves us from insanity to sanity. We live in an insane world. When the culture embraces sin and crimes and there is no guilt or shame, we are in trouble. We are now in a culture where that is happening with sexuality now. I don’t play this game.

You can say our culture is sick spiritually.  It’s difficult. We’re all sinners. We need a way to be elevated. We are born in the sin and without the knowledge of Jesus Christ, we could all go crazy.

JFA: How long do you believe it will take to turn things back to adhering to the Constitution – or has the tipping point tipped?

Darren:  It certainly feels like Donald Trump is the tipping point. The world doesn’t know what to do with a person who doesn’t apologize.

They believe they have to get people to confess on their terms, to apologize for offending THEIR lifestyle. Like they are preaching to the God of Political Correctness. They want us to preach to their God, believe in their culture, shame us, and ask for forgiveness, shut our mouths and move on.

When someone says, “I’m not worshipping your God of Political Correctness,” they freak out. They go to their Bible and they don’t know how to get you to apologize.

Everyone is equally confused about sex, gender and gay marriage. Obama was against gay marriage and now he’s for it. Obama has a major ‘Daddy issue’. A son’s relationship to his father is huge. It’s powerful. I think Obama is confused. I think he could have pulled off a lot more than he has already. I think Obama thinks he’s done his best job. I think because of his father, Obama wants America to be even with everyone else in the world.

Do you have an exit strategy if or when the real stuff starts going down, or do you believe Christians will take up the fight en masse?

Darren: I don’t see how Donald Trump doesn’t win right now. The only person that can lose it, is Donald Trump on Donald Trump. I don’t see how he doesn’t get the nomination. I don’t see how that doesn’t happen.

Do we get the perfect candidate now?

My projectory is Trump could do 8 yrs as President with Ted Cruz as the Vice-President. I think Ted Cruz gets 2 terms after that. Could you imagine 16 years of PURE Freedom. Look at what can be done in 8 yrs. Look at what can be done in 4 yrs?

Christian’s first and foremost, need to make sure they are living in such a way there is no hypocrisy . We can’t talk about things without a standard. I think God wants us to get our own house in orer before we can say how the White House needs to be run. We need repentance for God.

We can’t walk over to our neighbor and say you shouldn’t be treating your child that way, until we get our own house in order. With all of things going 0n – sometimes God has to discpline us – get us on the right path – so we can accept true repentance.

Once we have our own house in order, then we can have a conversation about those things (criminal, pornographic) that are going on in the world around us.

I took a look at the events that have happened in the last year, Bruce Jenner coming out as Caitlyn, Rachel Dolezal, the ruling on Gay Marriage, the Iran Deal, and the issues with the Confederate flag.

I said, “What’s going on here?”

There is a lineage – all wrapped together. All of these things – unelected judges – this is what is now law? —

If I lived in Virginia and they created a law that I didn’t like, I wouldn’t care, because I could just leave Virginia and go elsewhere. But once you start making decisions that AREN”T voted on – that really all goes back to Civil War.

So as in the film, Pastor Doug Wilson has to deal with so much trash – God is always teeing things up for us. Pastor Wilson goes to the trash dump. But sometimes we don’t know at the time we are throwing away certain things we made need later. It may be too late.

I wanted to make a film that involved the people who have influenced me. This film is about Darren Doane and “who’s in the band jammin’ with me.”

God Opens up relationships. I’m really encouraged by this film.

Say it again, brother.

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