Ted Cruz – intelligent, fearless, bold – and Presidential

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 Ted Cruz is responding to the last Presidential Debate, as well as the first.

This week’s debate on CNBC was so bad, so unfair, that the RNC has now cancelled the NBC debate in November.  So all’s well that ends well….  and it’s about time.

But we do need to remember what has happened to Republican candidates so far.

   So you think Fox News is a conservative media outlet?  Let’s remember first the outrageous questions asked by Fox News panelists at the first Presidential Debate.  It included Megyn Kelly describing all of Donald Trump’s descriptions of women thru the years – his sexism.  However, no other candidate was asked about their controversial comments.  Conservative icon Mark Levin called it a National Enquirer debate, saying that Fox went to great lengths to engage in oppositional research on Trump.
Mark Levin described the debate as “a failure to address the two hundred trillion that America faces in unfunded liabilities, the bankruptcy of the Social Security system, the fact that Medicare and Medicaid are on the brink of collapse, that our educational system costs a trillion dollars a year and is a “complete failure,” our immigration policy is a disaster, the EPA is destroying our economic system, and that our Constitution is being undermined.”
We are now outraged by the divisive and inflammatory questions of the CNBC panel, begging one candidate to castigate another, and attempting to make each candidate seem unworthy and incapable of being our President.  The first question each candidate was asked was “What is your biggest weakness and what are you doing to address it?” In other words, what sound bite will you give Democrats to use in a campaign ad?  And do Vote for Hillary!  Enough said.

Now we come to comments made by Fox New’s Brit Hume following this last debate.  His question was legitimate, some would say, and gave Cruz the opportunity to explain.  His tone and intimations were not.  He said that while Ted Cruz has stood up for and fought for issues in Congress, he has never won – and that he is divisive.

Trying to add insult to injury, Fox New’s Bret Bair repeated the mantra by saying, “You definitely have led fights against Obamacare, against immigration, against the EPA, but Obamacare is still around, immigration’s still exactly the same.”

Cruz, with an audiographic memory, put Hume’s question to rest. He said, “We must be very clear on immigration.  I led the fight against Obama’s amnesty, against the Gang of Eight bill which was championed by Barack Obama, by Chuck Schumer and Marco Rubio. And I led the fight standing side by side with Jeff Sessions, and we defeated it in Congress.  Amnesty did not pass”.

Following are other parts of the interview:

BAIER:  So a block is a legislative win.

CRUZ:  Blocking something that is bad, that is harmful, is good.

CRUZ:  Following the tragic shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, the Democrats came out with a massive raft of new gun control proposals.  I led the opposition against it.  I remember Chuck Schumer being on Sunday shows saying they were in the sweet spot, nothing could stop this.  We defeated every one of those proposals on the floor of the Senate, defending the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

CRUZ: I’ll give you another example of standing and leading a fight and winning.  If you’ll recall, when Israel was facing rocket fire from Hamas and the Obama administration canceled all flights to Israel, and I publicly called them out and said, “Did the Obama administration just launch an economic boycott on Israel?”  They haven’t done this for Pakistan, for Yemen, even much of Ukraine, and this was just months after a passenger airliner had been shot down with a Russian Buk missile.  Why did they put discriminatory efforts on Israel?  Within hours the State Department’s being asked is this an economic boycott on Israel.  The heat and light and pressure became so great that they lifted the flight ban within 36 hours.  http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2015/10/30/cruz_explains_the_concept_of_winning

Cruz explained that those who are considered to be divisive are those who stand up against the old-time Republican establishment and their wishes.  He is doing in Congress what his constituents elected him to do.  Cruz sounds Presidential, speaks flawlessly, and remembers every conversation – very helpful in a debate or in negotiations.  His fundraising is skyrocketing.  He is fearless.  Keep your eyes on him.


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