Surprised Lesbian Couple are Denied Homecoming Queen and Queen Title? Surprise Isn’t. [video]

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Students at Willow Canyon High School in Surprise are banding together behind a lesbian couple denied the opportunity to be nominated as homecoming queen and queen due to a school practice where homecoming royalty must be made up of a male and female pair.

Supporters of the couple say any ballots nominating the couple for homecoming royalty were discounted in a recent poll of students.

“We’re tired of the social normality that the king and queen have to be male and female,” said junior Kody Jiles, who added that it was unfair for the school to void student ballots.


The Dysart Unified School District responded with a statement, saying the high school’s homecoming traditions have been in place for years and that they work with students on the planning for these events.

“The Willow Canyon High School students do not elect a couple as Homecoming Queen and King, rather individual students self-nominate or are nominated to run for Homecoming Queen or for Homecoming King,” the statement said. “Students can nominate themselves or another student. One person is voted in by fellow students to represent female students at homecoming and one male student is voted in by the students to represent the boys. Who that female and male student is, is up to the student vote.”

 I don’t think when the school board established guidelines for a Homecoming Queen and King, that they were thinking that there would be a “Queen” and “Queen”. I mean if they wanted a Queen and Queen to represent Homecoming – they would have said so; they  would have called it “Homecoming Queen and Queen”, but they didn’t. A queen is – a woman.  A king is – a man. Get with it people – it’s a tradition. Kind of like traditional marriage between a man and woman. Seems like since Obama and his administration have taken over we have catered to the LGBT community. I mean we couldn’t light up the house “red, white and blue”, but Obama certainly lit it up for the rainbow community, didn’t he?

15-0629 Gay White House
Isn’t this really about destroying traditions and letting the 2% seem like the “norm”. This isn’t the first time two queens have made a homecoming court. It’s been happening all across the country for awhile now. In Iowa, we had the “gender queen” and the “transgender” king.  Next thing you know schools will be changing the event to Homecoming “Drag Queens”! Must be part of the new “Common Core”! Our religious liberty is under attack people and Obama is doing everything he can to support the 2% “norm” on society. Come on people! 


Written by Nancy Hayes
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