The Stabbing of a Hero: Exclusive Eye-Witness Report the Media Does Not Want You to Know!

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So you remember the train heroes in France, right, and Airman Spencer Stone? Well this story told by Jeff Rainforth on Wounded American Warrior is a must read! It will make your head spin! 

Train hero Airman Spencer Stone was stabbed 6 blocks from where I live in downtown Sacramento. I began researching the crime, and interviewing witnesses the moment I heard about it.

Airman Stone was stabbed in front of A&P Liquors on 21st and K streets. The entire fight was caught on the store’s surveillance camera.


When I arrived at the scene the next morning, a hazmat worker was still cleaning Airman Stone’s blood from the sidewalk.

Just one month prior to the attack, Airman Stone was two feet from me at a parade honoring him on 9-11. It’s hard to fathom that several weeks later, some thug scumbags almost killed him.


I spoke with the owner of the store the day after the stabbing. The owner (John) told me that while he didn’t see the attack, there was more to the story than was being told by police & news media. He spoke of a second video, taken with a cell phone, that wasn’t released. The owner said that a police officer who manages the surveillance camera may have shot the other video. He said that police took both videos.

I interviewed an employee of A&P Liquors the next night, and another the following night. Neither saw the attack, even though one of them was working the night of the assault on Stone. I returned to the store two nights later and spoke with an employee who was working the night of the attack, and had witnessed the entire ordeal from outside the establishment.

The employee, Eric Cain, said that he first saw a woman being slapped by one of the Asian males who would later stab Airman Stone. Apparently, this is when Stone got involved, in order to defend the woman.


Most media does not report the fact that the woman Stone was defending, was actually with his attackers.

Cain went on to say that after the woman was slapped, Stone & his attackers began fighting. The woman who was slapped stepped into the scrum, and was punched in the face by one of Stone’s attackers. Shortly after that, Stone was stabbed, and his attackers fled. Cain said that he saw the woman who was assaulted actually get into the car with those who hit her, and who had stabbed Airman Stone.

Most news organizations made it seem like the woman Stone defended was Stone’s friend.

What this means is that, Airman Stone stepped up to defend a woman he didn’t know, which makes his actions all the more noble. Of course, the reward for his actions almost cost him his life.

After being contacted by a local news organization on my findings, I pondered the best way to find those who almost killed Airman Stone. There was only a $1000 reward being offered through Sacramento Crime Alert, so I contacted my friend Airman Brian Kolfage about setting up a major reward fund to entice someone to step forward with information on Stone’s attackers. Airman Kolfage, (who lost both legs and an arm in Iraq), agreed to help. I then contacted Sacramento Crime Alert and asked if they would increase the reward amount if we raised the funds. Their executive committee met, and agreed to an increased reward.

Sacramento Crime Alert will disburse the reward to the person who provides the tip that leads to the arrest of Airman Stone’s attacker. 100% of funds raised will go to the reward.

Help Airman Kolfage & Sacramento Police find Airman Stone’s attackers by clicking HERE and contribute to the reward fund.

To help cover the expenses of Airman Spencer Stone’s family, click HERE. The campaign is run by Airman Stone’s brother.

Sad to see the media – specifically Fox News, CBS 13, Fox 40, San Jose Mercury News, Daily Mail UK, and The Telegraph – NONE of these organizations mentioned that the woman who Airman Stone defended was actually WITH the thugs who attacked and stabbed him. What can I say? Mainstream media does what it does best…..SPIN. 

The question is why is Jeff Rainforth the only reporter coming forward with this information? Why does the mainstream media want to cover this up or not get to the real truth? We all know that Obama wants to protect his Muslim buddies, but now it seems the media is too! What is going on? This is not good people! 

The only good news is  we can help Spencer Stone’s family and support their efforts to find the REAL scumbags! Come on people! What are you waiting for? Isn’t it time to help a REAL hero?


Written by Nancy Hayes

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