Social Security

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All the candidates, no matter what office they’re running for, seem to be chasing one group or another; the black vote, the Hispanic vote, the woman vote…you get the picture. I get it, but I’m a little puzzled by one thing, there’s one group that seems to be always ignored, always taken for granted….the baby boomers.

We need to make sure they understand that there are more of us than any other single group, not only that but, we vote. We vote in almost every election, even the primaries. I’ve often noticed that when my wife and I go to the polls on primary day, everyone there is our age or older. You don’t have to convince us, we’re pretty much going to be there.


Now keeping that in mind, I’ve been hearing a lot from some of the candidates about cutting social security and this just leaves me with one question… Have you lost your ever loving minds?

I’m going to reveal some personal information and use myself as an example. During my lifetime, I’ve paid 1/4 million dollars into Social Security, my condition is terminal and there’s no way I’ll ever draw that much back out at the rate I’m being paid. That may not seem like much money to you, but it is to most of us. After we pay our bills each month, we have nothing left. We literally have to rely on food banks and the generosity of  my loyal readers to get by.

Do you think I’d support anyone who even hints at cutting our benefits? By doing so, not only will you guarantee that you’ll not get the nomination, you may even destroy the party completely.


We as a generation have worked hard all our lives, paid our taxes and paid into social security and we’re sick and tired of our government bringing in immigrants and treating them with kid gloves paying out all kinds of money to people who have NEVER paid a dime into our economy!

We know the money we paid in was for the generations before us and now it’s time for the generations behind us to pay their part…oh wait, I forgot, only 60% of those eligible are working on the books and paying into the system.

Hey, here’s a crazy idea for you, howbout instead of cutting Social Security, we focus on creating more jobs for Americans so some of that 40% can go to work and pay their share?


Maybe we should put a stop to companies laying off American employees so they can hire foreign workers.

Maybe we should crack down on all the jobs that are paying people under the table so they can avoid paying taxes and Obamacare fees. I’ve never seen so many of these jobs out there as there are now.



I have to say this to Chris Christie…you’ve blown it buddy. We already didn’t like your stance on gun control, but now you’re coming after the baby boomers. You’re about to waste a ton of money, time and effort on a campaign that you’ve already lost. I despise waste, you should go ahead and give it up now.


As for the others, I suggest you find a way to take care of us, find a way to save Social Security and Medicare, the one who can do that will get a great deal of support from us, the ones who don’t, well good luck to you.



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