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Shovel Ready Something, Anyway …


Remember the “shovel ready jobs” Obama promised back in 2008?

Well maybe not so much. But wait! A staffer to Democratic Senator Sander Levin found a shovel ready job and today we’re going to celebrate that find! Seven years and FINALLY!! an Obama Promise Kept!

The award goes to Tim Foster who not only found a Shovel Ready Job but who also found a unique use for a shovel and he may have also discovered a new plank for the Democratic Platform for 2016.

Tim Foster, a native of Henderson, Ky., brutally beat his male lover with a small black and red shovel, according to a police report obtained by CQ Roll Call, leaving the victim hospitalized with abrasions and bruises on his upper back, neck and torso.

The dispute started around 12:30 a.m. inside a Northwest Baltimore home, when Foster, 32, got into a verbal argument with the 39-year-old black male identified as his boyfriend.

Foster put his boyfriend in a choke hold and stated, “I want to kill you. Die dirty faggy,” the man later told police. Foster released him, then allegedly grabbed a stainless kitchen knife. As the boyfriend fled toward the stairs, Foster chased him and warned, “When you reach the fifth step, I am going to stab you.”

Foster lunged at his boyfriend with the knife. But Foster’s wife “got in the way” and the knife then fell to the floor, the report states.

The boyfriend told police he attempted to escape the property, but was again assaulted by Foster. This time, Foster struck him in his upper back with a small black and red shovel. Foster continued to assault the man until he got into his vehicle, the report states.

Wow. Just wow.

We’ve got a staff member to a highly placed Democratic Senator who is a racist (“black and red shovel” should be offensive to both African Americans and Native Americans) and he’s homophobic (“dirty faggy”).

Wow. Can’t wait for Al Sharpton, Elizabeth Warren, and the Gay Mafia to show up outside Levin’s offices.

Neither Levin’s office or the House of Many Colors have commented.


The First Lady was also unavailable for comment.


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