Send in the Feminists – Quick!

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The O’Pentagon wants women in combat to kill our enemies.  But god forbid they come in contact with the enemy because that would violate our enemy’s religious beliefs? Feminists want women in combat.  I’m now thinking that’s such a good idea we should put together entire divisions of women.  To fight Muslims.

A military judge issued an order in January prohibiting female guards from transporting the defendants, including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, after they refused to meet with defense lawyers and complained that any physical contact with unrelated women violated their Muslim beliefs. 15-1029 KSM

The ruling by Army Colonel James Pohl was meant to deal with their complaints, which posed a threat to legal proceedings.

It seems that Muslims have a problem being around women.  Except when they’re raping them.

I really want to know why we care what this guy thinks or wants.

At least not all of the ranking officers in the Pentagon don’t have O’KneePads.

Questioned on the ruling at a congressional hearing, both Marine General Joseph Dunford Jr., the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Defense Secretary Ash Carter said it was an outrage.

‘I think it is counter to the way we treat service members, including women service members, and outrage is a very good word for it,’ Carter told the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Dunford said: ‘It is outrageous. It ought to be fixed. It hasn’t been to date.’

Thanks for your support Secretary Carter, but I still think you’re a worthless suck-up.

Is there anything the Obama administration won’t do to suck up to Muslim terrorists?  I think not.

Oh, and where are all the Democrats and feminists (sorry for the repetition)?  Why aren’t they storming the Pentagon to get that order reversed?

And with respect to those divisions of women in the army, should we understand from this latest incident that Muslims would lay down their arms and run from women?  After all, they’re not supposed to be around them.  Maybe we could make it a nude division so they couldn’t mistake them for men.

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