SEARS Now Bending Over Not to ‘Offend’ Muslims in the Ongoing Acceptance of Sharia Law

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Sears is the latest big company to get on the “let’s not offend Muslims” bandwagon.

A Muslim recently launched a Twitter campaign against Sears for this hat.

15-1025 Infidel Hat

Here’s the Tweet that started the ball rolling against Sears.

15-1025 Arabic Tweets

Sears promptly caved.

Sears was most likely carrying this hat because it’s very popular among Iraq / Afghanistan vets.

15-1025 infidel-strong-and-tattoo1

The tattoo on the left is a US Marine, and on the right is a soldier with his “Infidel Strong” patch.

Muslims like Imraan – just your average Sharia loving Muslim, certainly not a “radical” – will not rest until the US is Sharia Law compliant.  I checked out his Twitter account and it’s a real hatefest against Jews, Christians, and anybody who’s not a Muslim.

Well Imraan this one is just for you and your Muslim friends and enablers.

15-10-25 Arabic FU1

And the camel you came in on.

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