Ronda Rousey Destroys Mouthy “Feminist”

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Had no idea Ronda Rousey was into politics. Did you?

Turns out she has an opinion on things and doesn’t take any crap from anybody…

Including so called “feminists”. SCROLL DOWN FOR SMACKDOWN VIDEO:



Ronda Rousey!

What’s not to like about Ronda Rousey? Really.

She’s got great … jabs. And her … kicks aren’t bad either.


Today, Ronda has given us something else to love her for. She’s not a feminist.

And she made that point in a big way in an interview with a brain dead, Aussie twit.

One twit down and not likely to ask Ronda a stupid question again. I like her … opinions as much as her … jabs.

Now then, if we could get her to make an appearance at the Democratic Caucus in the House and Senate.

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