Refugee crisis: Let’s be thoughtful and cautious. Our national survival depends upon it.

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“America has always welcomed anyone willing to assimilate to its national character. But radical Islam rejects assimilation and is bent on the conquest of our national character.” –Nancy Pearcey


Some of you are going to read the following few paragraphs and conclude that I am heartless. Perhaps, even evil.

Some of you are going to decry my opinions as mean and question my devotion to Jesus and my Christian faith. You are going to quote scriptures on love and charity and tell my how terribly wrong I am.

Many of you will agree with me but simply never admit that you do so. Your way of dealing with it, will be to act as though all of this isn’t happening.

And some of you will shake your heads as you read the following thoughts and wonder why in the world I care. Because you simply don’t.

I am fine with all of those reactions. I can take your accusations, hateful responses, apathy and disdain.

My desire is simply that you will hear me out and at least think about what I am saying. Consider for a moment the perspective I represent. Because trust me, I have pondered both sides of this dilemma and it pains me to make these conclusions.

However, the following must said.

ISIS is a heavily-armed, well-funded, militaristic group of terrorists who are committing unspeakable atrocities in Syria, Iraq and surrounding regions of the Middle East. They are radical. They are extremists. They are brainwashed. They are rapists. They are cowards. They are child murderers. They are cold-blooded killers. They are the epitome of evil–possessed by an enemy that will stop at nothing to steal, kill and destroy. They are HATE.

And the world failed. Failed miserably. The world failed in preventing this group from forming and recruiting and spreading its poison. The global community failed to acknowledge the realness of this “JV team’s” threat and now, we are dealing with the consequences of our ignoring them until it was too late. The world failed to protect the innocent men, women and children of all faiths, and of no faith, who are now suffering in the Middle Eastern region of our world.


America, ineptly led by Barrack Hussein Obama, abandoned Iraq and forfeited the progress obtained by our military. The Iraqi people who stood with and cooperated with our military were among the first to be hunted down and brutally murdered by ISIS. Their heads severed from their bodies and erected on stakes in town squares as a warning to any who might think fondly of the U.S.

The Syrian president, Assad, is a criminal and should be tried, convicted and sentenced to death. He, in his manic desperation to maintain power and suppress his opposition, crossed the “red line” and brought much of this bloody rampage upon his people.

And then there are the outer influences–Russia and Iran.

Ole Vlady. Contrary to whatever the Obama administration would have us believe, Putin isn’t a willing diplomatic partner. He isn’t former KGB. No one is former KGB. Putin is a dictator and a tyrant. He wants to embarrass the United States and aide fanatical Middle Eastern dictators in their quest to annihilate Israel. Russia began bombing ISIS this morning. It’s pathetic that Putin is showing stronger leadership than America. Pathetic and deeply troubling.

Iran and their radical, Jew-hating, America-bashing Ayatollahs are laughing their nuclear-possessing backsides off. They are mocking America and relishing in this moment of Western impotence.

Europe failed to intervene. The Europeans have no stomach for conflict or confrontation. And thus, their cultures and their peoples are literally dying out. Every European nationality is evaporating into nonexistence. Their cultures are unsustainable and their backbones, broken.

Obama, oh, Obama. The American president drew one too many red lines and caved one too many times. He is the weakest leader our nation has ever known. Much of the blood that is being spilled and shed in the deserts of the Middle East will historically rest on our Dear Leader’s hands. He is a miserable failure and we should be ashamed.

And now, because of the failures and denials of a few, we have hundreds of thousands of Middle Eastern refugees. They are desperate–fleeing the chaos, violence, bloodshed and tyranny of the terror group. The refugees, men, women and children, old and young, Muslim and not, are fleeing from their embattled homeland and hoping to find refuge and safety within the borders of countries who were unwilling to intervene in their crisis.

The tragedy is beyond what normal people can fathom.

The pictures and images that are flooding our televisions and Internet are heartbreaking to say the least. Truly, my soul grieves for those affected by this modern day genocide.

However, however, however…

What is the American responsibility?

What is the global responsibility?

How should we respond?

Limitedly. Thoughtfully. Cautiously. Carefully.

We shouldn’t be rash. We shouldn’t throw our borders and national cauffers wide open just yet. We should proceed with extreme caution and with carefully laid out plans and guidelines.

Because here’s the deal:

The Muslim notion of an Islamic caliphate is real. Very real. It is also extremely complex. The methodology for accomplishing the Muslim desire of total conversion for all infidels and the establishment of a global Islamic caliphate is many tiered. They have plans. Therefore, so should we.

Even peaceful Muslims see us, the infidels, as, well, exactly that: infidels. The tenants of their faith require that they submit themselves fully and completely to Allah and the purposes of Muhammad. They are as committed to Allah and Muhammad as Christians are to God and Jesus.

They are taught to tolerate us at best, murder us at worst. However, don’t underestimate the power of Islamic surrender. If Muslims, even moderate ones, where to feel compelled because of worldly occurrences, millions of moderate Muslims could become extremists overnight. They are guided by a faith that evolved from one of peace to one of jihad. A religion of surrender morphed into an ideology of world domination.

And while it irritates many of you, America was and still is a nation built on Judeo-Christian beliefs. We are a nation created upon the foundation of the Almighty, the Creator, the Alpha and the Omega. ¬†That foundation, that faith, is what sustains our fundamental, national pillars. You can’t have America without Christianity. And as uncomfortable as it may be to some of you, Muslims will never truly assimilate to or embrace our basic ideals of freedom, liberty, the individual and the free market. It simply isn’t going happen.

There is only room in America for one God. The one true God. (I can see the hate mail now!)

Therefore, we must be guarded and vigilant. We must proceed with extreme caution as we consider what our role in this vast refugee crisis will be. We must understand that there will be those who come to our lands, drink from our fountains and prosper from our fruits who secretly, or not so secretly, hate us and desire nothing more than to help dismantle our precious way of life.

Obviously, not everyone. Obviously, not all refugees are Islamic, but a majority are.

Now, before you call me Islamaphobic, here are my personal criteria. I say yes to the women and children. Well, at least most of the women. You see, there are women in this world willing to take part in unspeakable things. Women willing to wear suicide vests. Women willing to strap suicide vests on their children. Women willing to step into the role of fanatic. Yes, some women are just as dangerous as the men. And the children. What is the definition of a child? Less than eighteen years old? No. Younger than seventeen years of age? Nope, I don’t think so. I would argue, that a child in this conflict is less than sixteen years of age. Yes, that’s young. Yes, that’s seemingly harsh. But if there is going to be victory, there is going to be enormous sacrifice. I say yes to the elderly and infirm. After all, a civilization is judged by how they treat and care for the weakest and least of them. No one should be left for slaughter because they are young, old or sick.

But no, I say no to the able-bodied men who could stay and fight for their homeland. Nothing worth having in this life is free. Fight, fight, fight, for Heaven’s sake, fight! A desperate father, an idealistic son and loving husband is the most formidable soldier and opponent. Those with everything to lose, have everything to gain. No one can protect the Middle East more legitimately that those who call it home. These Muslim refugees need to stay and fight for what is theirs. They need to take a stand for their homes and for their children’s futures.

We can’t do it for them.

No one did it for us.

We can help them and we should. We can assist them and we must.

But while some of you might argue that we have responsibility to take in and care for the refugees because of our failures in recognizing and stopping the threat initially, I would say to you, look at Iraq and Afghanistan. They didn’t want us in their countries because co-habitation was too difficult. We can’t do for them what they are unwilling to do for themselves.

Throwing our national doors wide open is not the answer to this crisis. Trust me, we will live to regret that policy. Or, perhaps, our children will live (and die) to regret it.

This crisis is just that: a crisis. And the only thing that could make this particular crisis worse, is the world’s and America’s mishandling of it.

We must be thoughtful in our approach to this tragedy. Once the flood gates are opened, there will be no closing them. Once the innocent lives are gone, there is no returning them to life. We must find a balance between compassion and caution, between love and wisdom. We must find a way to help save the lives of strangers while protecting American citizens and our blessed way of life. We must find a way to be the hands and feet of the Body of Christ while not allowing a sly enemy to decapitate us.

We must outsmart our enemies while loving the innocents worthy of and in need of our friendship. We must be Americans, defined by our giving and compassion, while at the same time, fervent patriots protecting our beloved home.

We should be cautious about welcoming a huge number of people who will never assimilate to our ideals. We should be careful about embracing a culture who despising our very own. We should be thoughtful and wise. We should seek the Will of God in this crisis and not the approval of a lost, global community.

We must be on the right side of this tragedy. And the right thing is not always the popular thing.

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