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Reap & Sow: They Live in a World They Did Not Choose – Here’s the Results [VIDEO] **GRAPHIC LANGUAGE


Could this be the problem? A world of reap & sow? … Um, yeah! *NSFW WARNING

Moms & Dads: With all things going on with our kids, you say black lives matter and you allow your babies, children to be exposed to this?



A disturbing video is making rounds on social media. [SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO]

A young Memphis boy points guns and raps vulgar lyrics.

It has some in the community concerned.

14-year-old Johnathon, known as “Baby CEO,” raps about guns, drugs and gang signs and posts his videos on social media, hoping to find fame.

J.R. Futrell with Young Men University works with young men to keep them from a life of crime. He said he was not surprised by the video.

“It’s a product of reap and sow, and we’ve sown things into our children’s lives,” Futrell said. “They live in a world that they did not choose and here we are with the results.”

He said the video is disturbing and he recognizes some of the kids from Frayser. ** WARNING: GRAPHIC LANGUAGE

What I would love to see is an interview this child’s mother!

“If that represents the poison, within that same poison is the cure,” Futrell said. “So we’re going to have to be patient and see where he is.”

Altonious Meyers from Young Men University said his 14-year-old self may have done the same thing.

“I’m thinking it’s cool when I’m growing up, because it’s all I’ve seen,” Meyers said.

It may be the only way Johnathon knows. His sister is in jail on aggravated burglary, robbery and kidnapping charges for an incident that happened in 2012.

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Sick + shock + culture = our degenerating world today. On full display on social media, TV, movies, video games and coming to your front yard soon.

Sooner than later.

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