Public School Sued For In-Class Prayer

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A lawsuit filed over in-class prayer and pressure put on students to become Christians at a Georgia public school has reportedly been settled.


In a recent story on Misee

The Freedom From Religion Foundation says in a release that a lawsuit with the Emanuel County School District in Swainsboro, Georgia has been settled after the district ended teacher-led prayer and proselytization in public schools.

The release states that, “a concerned family encountering teacher-led prayer in kindergarten and first grade classrooms contacted the national state/church watchdog”.

According to the FFRF, no changes were made to halt the “illegal activity” after they filed a complaint with the district. The full release by the group about their “court victory” is available here.

FFRF filed the suit in back in February in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Georgia’s Statesboro’s Division. It was filed on behalf of two students of Swainsboro Primary School, in Emanuel County.

According to the lawsuit, the students had been asked to leave the classroom during prayer. The teachers had allegedly encouraged prayer in violation of the establishment clause of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

The defendants in the lawsuit were the Emanuel County Schools’ superintendent and faculty members of Swainsboro Primary School.

With a background in education, who could forget the case study of Everson v Board of Education (1947) – which basically set precedent for “separtion between church and state”?


Had this been a “student led” activity it would have a whole new story. Teachers who teach in a public school can not lead prayer in a public school. Period.

On the other hand, when legislators who created “Common Core” put in place the study of Islam, I guess they forgot to review the First Amendment. I mean, if you can “outlaw” prayer in school and Christianity in schools, why can’t we outlaw the study of Islam/Muslim in Common Core?

Afterall, we have banned Christmas, banned nativity scenes, and even tried to ban “In God We Trust” from police cars.  People have even tried to ban the pledge of allegiance.

Too bad we don’t have more Justices like Clarence Thomas, who believes that the purpose of the Establishment Clause was to protect the states from having Congress impose a religion on them.

I would bet in the very near future, if we haven’t already you will see lawsuits against the issue of taxpaper money going to Islamic schools and Common Core. What say you?



Written by Nancy Hayes

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