President Obama Is Not Welcome In Douglas County Oregon

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David Jaques is the publisher of the Roseburg Beacon, the local newspaper in Roseburg, Oregon, home to Umpqua Community College where a gunman targeted Christians last week.

He’s very vocal about the incident and the way it’s being handled on a national level by both the press and the President. As a matter of fact, he couldn’t be clearer.

Well said Mr. Jaques. As a side note, the President still hasn’t uttered one word of condolence to the family of Kate Steinle, the young woman murdered by a previously deported illegal immigrant in San Francisco.


Roseburg is in Douglas County in Oregon. Oregon is “dual state,” far Left Progressive in Portland and the major cities and the rest of the state is middle-America conservative. Douglas County is in the red part of the state, here’s what the state actually looks like.

15-1005 Oregon Counties

Douglas County also has a sheriff who’s a burr in the Obama administration’s gun control agenda. The major media wasted no time going after him after the shootings.

Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin has for years been a strong advocate of the Second Amendment and journalists began attacking him over his belief in the U.S. Constitution within hours of the murders.

Frankly, Sheriff Hanlin seems to have his priorities in the right place. Here he is at a press conference.


I’ll take the good people of Douglas County over our current administration in Washington (and the one in Eugene, Oregon for that matter) every day. Maybe it’s time Oregon became two states.

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