Why Are We Praising/Encouraging Boys to be Girls?

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Paul Henson is a 28-year-old “father” who lives in Virginia. He is the latest poster-boy in the fight against “gender stereotypes.”

Henson has a young son whose favorite cartoon character is somebody named “Elsa” from something called “Frozen Halloween” and he wants to dress up in a princess dress for his Halloween. Paul and his whatever, Ashley Ramage, encouraged him in this venture.

Here’s Paul’s Facebook post, anticipating some heat on their decision to let his son prepare to be a Bradley Manning wannabe.

15-1008 Dress Tweet

The first paragraph says everything you’d ever need to know about California parenting. “Anyone that knows us, knows we generally let Caiden make his own choices…” Any questions?

Needless to say, his California neighbors are supporting his decision.

‘Parenting done right’, said one Facebook user, while another remarked: ‘I’m so proud of you for being a parent and standing by your child no matter what! Stereotypes have no place in a child’s life!

And, about that great home life, Ashley is right there …

Caiden’s mother Ashley also commented on the post, writing: ‘I couldn’t be more grateful that as much as you and I hate each other half of the time, we have the coolest kid ever and we are on the same page with raising him.’

I’m sure it’s “for the children.”

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